Women of Metal Radio Show 1403 Kents Top 40 2022

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This weeks Women of Metal Radio Show on Insane Realm Radio… Was a BlasT!

We all make lists, there’s Christmas lists (Santa bring you NOTHING or WHAT?), there’s shopping lists (look at those PRICES), there’s to do lists (those SUCK). But there’s one kind of list that’s always a lot of fun, COUNT DOWNS and this week you’ll get to hear something really cool on the Women of Metal Radio Show. Kent’s top 40 albums of 2022 and his favorite song from the album.

Some of the bands on Kent’s top forty list are in no particular order are: IT’sALIE, Sisteria, Heaven’s Guard, Coma Hole, Crystal Gates, Deathless Legacy, The Riven, Vrylnia, Angel Nation, Graveshadow and MANY OTHERS