Women of Metal – Kent’s Birthday Celebration 9/24/2022

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Saturday (Sept. 24, 2022) on Insane Realm Radio, was a very special day on The Women of Metal Radio Show…

Why so SPECIAL? Well, it’s Kent Bateman’s two thousandth birthday. So in honor of it being his six thousandth birthday we let him pick all the music except, for the songs that’ll actually be played!

We fixed it real good for ya Kent cause we know how much you love it when we do this…

So, these bands right here are helping Kent celebrate being older than methuselah and they don’t even know it… ACOLYTE, Unleash The Archers, Battle Beast, ELA, Delain, Celestial Ruin, Hexed, Black Road, Time Jugglers, Seven Kingdoms, Beautiful Skeletons, Anaria, Besvärjelsen, Battle Beast and many more. You know it’s not everyday someone celebrates their two millionth birthday.

You can always listen live on Insane Realm Radio (https://insanerealmradio.com) every Saturday Night at 8pm Central (USA)