Sovereign Council

May 29, 2023 Jayson Shell 0

Country: Canada Status: Active Years Active: 2012-Present Genre: Power Metal Current Label: Unsigned A Kingston based Power Metal band. Our sound fuses heavy driving rhythms […]



November 6, 2022 CJ Cornell 0

AraPacis (Ara-Patches) is a female-fronted metal band hailing from Montreal, Canada. Formed in 2003 by guitarist Jerry Fielden, fronted by Scots singer Michelle Macpherson

Frantic Amber

October 9, 2022 Jayson Shell 0

FRANTIC AMBER started in 2008 as a project in Stockholm by founding guitarist Mary Siebecke, with the intention to play metal with women.


October 7, 2022 CJ Cornell 0

HEXED was formed in 2015 by Lead-Vocalist Tina Gunnarsson and Guitarist/Vocalist Stellan Gunnarsson in Uppsala, Sweden

Illusions of Grandeur

October 3, 2022 Jayson Shell 0

Illusions of Grandeur “I.O.G.”, a Theatrical Hard Rock/Fantasy Metal band based in Lancaster, PA. I.O.G. took the PA and NJ scenes by  storm, debuting “The Siren Saga” live show.

MaMa Doom

February 27, 2022 CJ Cornell 0

Hailing from Newburgh NY, MAMA DOOM has been together since 2016 and finally discovered the perfect combination of sounds.

Signs of Tranquility

February 27, 2022 CJ Cornell 0

Signs of Tranquility is a 5-piece Melodic Metal band with Electronic Elements out of Denver, Colorado. This project
started with compositions Justin Davis (Drummer/Samples) had been creating since 2012. Kaylie Haynes
(Lead Vocals) and Kevin Shaw (Guitar) joined in March


January 30, 2022 CJ Cornell 0

Heavy metal band from Lazarevac, a small mining town in the heart of Serbia.
The band combines traditional and power metal elements in their music, with epic and doom metal influences, but sometimes wanders off into a folk territory. Their style can be best described as kolubarsko-rudarski metal.

Blackwater Holylight

Blackwater Holylight

January 23, 2022 CJ Cornell 0

Empty surrounds all of me. It’s a poignant line from the third album by Blackwater Holylight that encapsulates the search for self when suddenly everything has changed.


January 22, 2022 Jayson Shell 1

To release their own album – something FREAKSTORM could never have dreamed of a few years ago, for singer Sinah Meier and drummer Olli Fuchs were starting as a tribute project. But in the meantime, they were becoming a band that establishes itself in the newcomer scene with its own songs.


January 14, 2022 Jayson Shell 0

Before the turn of the Millenium, on the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia, there was a popular ‘heavy rock’ band well known for having a young woman with an ‘astonishingly loud and powerful voice’ and a guitarist with ‘amazing versatility’. The band was called ‘Labyrinth’ and the two musicians in question were Genevieve Rodda and Anthony ‘Fox’ Roberts. Labyrinth eventually came to an end having recorded a number of demos and an independently released E.P. – ‘Escape Reality’.

Wasteland Coven

Wasteland Coven

January 6, 2022 Jayson Shell 0

Wasteland Coven hails from Toledo, Ohio playing doom metal influenced by Candlemass, Windhand, Saint Vitus, My Dying Bride, and a wide variety of dark sources.

Catalyst Crime

January 6, 2022 CJ Cornell 0

Massacre Records’ Catalyst Crime is an international cinematic symphonic metal band that began in late 2017 as a project between Xandria drummer Gerit Lamm and American vocalist Zoe Marie Federoff.