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All-killer-no-filler melodic & symphonic & bombastic power metal at its best: every song of the new Moonlight Haze album is a potential hit single, displaying at the same time a rich sonic texture, some incredibly uplifting/addicting hooks and a meaningful and heartful message.

‘Animus’ represents a huge step up for the band’s songwriting and sound and got the five musicians excited since the very first melodies and lines that had been written. Lyrically-wise it’s an introspective and intimate work, but at the same time it looks at the world outside – willing to bring a bright message of vitality and rebirth.

Hence the title, ‘Animus’, a Latin word that has different meanings: vital forceconsciencesoul, mind and courage as well.

Chiara Tricarico – vocals
Marco Falanga – guitar
Alberto Melinato – guitar
Alessandro Jacobi – bass
Giulio Capone – drums

– third studio-album for the uprising Italian Symphonic Power Metal stars

– more than 5 million streams on YouTubeSpotifyApple MusicDeezer and Amazon Music

– mixed and mastered by Simone Mularoni at Domination Studio (San Marino)

– ‘Animus’ boasts the stunning performance of the star vocalist Chiara Tricarico

– artwork and pictures by the supertalented Beatrice Demori

– first edition available in digipak CD and vinyl (limited)

– For fans of NightwishAvantasiaAmarantheEpicaSonata Arctica