• MaMa Doom

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    Hailing from Newburgh NY, MAMA DOOM has been together since 2016 and finally discovered the perfect combination of sounds.

  • Signs of Tranquility

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    Signs of Tranquility is a 5-piece Melodic Metal band with Electronic Elements out of Denver, Colorado. This project
    started with compositions Justin Davis (Drummer/Samples) had been creating since 2012. Kaylie Haynes
    (Lead Vocals) and Kevin Shaw (Guitar) joined in March

  • Claymorean

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    Heavy metal band from Lazarevac, a small mining town in the heart of Serbia.
    The band combines traditional and power metal elements in their music, with epic and doom metal influences, but sometimes wanders off into a folk territory. Their style can be best described as kolubarsko-rudarski metal.

  • Blackwater Holylight

    Blackwater Holylight

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    Empty surrounds all of me. It’s a poignant line from the third album by Blackwater Holylight that encapsulates the search for self when suddenly everything has changed.

  • Freakstorm

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    To release their own album – something FREAKSTORM could never have dreamed of a few years ago, for singer Sinah Meier and drummer Olli Fuchs were starting as a tribute project. But in the meantime, they were becoming a band that establishes itself in the newcomer scene with its own songs.

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Years Active:2000 – Present
Genre:Heavy Metal
Current Label:WormHoleDeath

Before the turn of the Millenium, on the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia, there was a popular ‘heavy rock’ band well known for having a young woman with an ‘astonishingly loud and powerful voice’ and a guitarist with ‘amazing versatility’. The band was called ‘Labyrinth’ and the two musicians in question were Genevieve Rodda and Anthony ‘Fox’ Roberts. Labyrinth eventually came to an end having recorded a number of demos and an independently released E.P. – ‘Escape Reality’. Genevieve and ‘Fox’ as he was now commonly known, decided to pursue their shared passion for heavy music in a larger scene and Sydney seemed like a good place to find the musicians they needed for the direction they wanted to go…

“…to use all the different musical elements of heavy metal from the different genres to define the emotion of the songs we were writing… there were – in our opinion- too many bands picking a genre and then just sticking to the formula. Safe… and boring… and far too restrictive.” – Fox

In late 2003, ‘Temtris’ entered the studio with the intention of recording an E.P., but things went so well that they came out the other end with a full album, ‘THRESHOLD’. Only 100 copies were produced and the CD was only available at shows.

A deal was struck with new Independent Australian Heavy Metal label BATTLEGOD PRODUCTIONS, and in 2008 Temtris released ‘MASQUERADE’, a much darker album than it’s predecessor.

SHALLOW GRAVE was released in 2014. The album itself was another impressive step up for the band, with tracks such as ‘Slave to the System’, and ‘Shallow Grave’ quickly achieving high rotation on metal radio stations worldwide. A much larger scale tour ensued, culminating in a performance that earned them rave reviews in front of over 1,000 metalheads in support of German metal legends ‘Accept’ at Sydney’s Factory Theatre.

In 2016 Temtris released ENTER THE ASYLUM, a ‘themed album’, where every song represented a room (and it’s inhabitant) in an asylum. Fans and metal radio alike quickly embraced new tracks such as Mind Games, Empty Room, Phoenix, and the title track Enter the Asylum.

​Barely pausing to draw breath, Temtris charged into 2018 with another full-length album. First came the track ‘Run’, complete with windswept video, released on vinyl with a bonus b-side of Paradise Road (from Threshold). Then came the album – RAPTURE – awarded ‘Australian Metal Album of the Year’ by Global Metal Apocalypse.

​Temtris filled venues across Australia and supported touring bands such as Ensiferum, Girlschool, Tank, Raven, Loudness, Metal Church, Marty Friedman, and Michael Sweet (Stryper) throughout 2018/19.

​The band kicked off 2020 by headlining New Zealand’s SMASHFEST heavy metal festival and supporting Geoff Tate during his Operation: Mindcrime tour. Sparking interest from overseas with the new single ‘Forever’, Temtris signed a deal with record label Wormholedeath (Italy).

As the world went into lockdown, Temtris hit the studio to record RITUAL WARFARE, due for release 30 April 2021. With an Australian tour to follow, there is no stopping the force of Temtris. Firing on all cylinders, the band are hitting the road, intent on bringing their high energy live show and unique brand of heavy metal back to the fans. 

Bio Credit: Temtris' Official Website

Band Members

  • Genevieve Rodda – Vocals
  • Antony Fox – Guitar
  • Nadi Noroozian – Guitar
  • Mick Wilks – Bass
  • Nicholas Bolin – Drums


Escape Reality Demo2002
Your Time Has ComeSingle2014
Shallow GraveLP2014
Enter The AsylumLP2016
Ritual WarfareLP2021

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