Women of Metal Radio Show (VK Lynne) 10/22/2022)

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Women of Metal Radio Show original airdate 10/22/2022 featured VK Lynne from The Spider Accomplice as special guest…

VK Lynne returns to talk about her band The Spider Accomplice’s new release. Their first full length album “The Venomous Montage“.

Our spotlight bands will be Empress a Symphonic Power Metal band from Philadelphia, PA and After Evolution a Symphonic Metal band from Czechia.
Plus!!! There’s MORE?

We’ll be playing tracks from Oknos, The Sign of Ampersand, Metalite, Amberian Dawn, Liliumdust, SYRYN, Rosa Nocturna, Dystopica, Savage Master, Secret Rule, Apolinara, Lunarian (Ailyn), AraPacis, Niovel and (wait for it) and MORE!

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