Valentine Wolfe New Album Arrives on Halloween

Only Gossamer My Gown is finally finished! We’ll be hosting a virtual release party on Halloween. Join us on our YouTube Channel from 8-9PM Eastern Time for the album premier-11 lyric videos, and we’ll be lurking in the chat with everyone! Subscribe to our YouTube channel here so you won’t miss it!

We’ve enclosed the lyric video to one of the previously unheard tracks, Where I Have Lost, I Softer Tread …we’d love to hear your thoughts and comments. We enjoyed figuring out an optimal filming angle that involved not standing on any headstones.

Make plans to join us for a haunting, virtual Halloween. We’re very excited to share this music with you-it’s been an incredible journey from the offhand suggestion back in Winter 2018 that turned into a humanities grant performance, a video (also grant supported), and now finally, a finished record. 

Details on purchase options for physical and digital copies will be announced during the release party.

Happy Halloween!
-Braxton and Sarah
Valentine Wolfe 

Only Gossamer My Gown

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