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Wasteland Coven

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Country:Toledo, Ohio, USA
Years Active:2018-?
Genre:Doom Metal
Current Label:Unsigned/independent

Wasteland Coven hails from Toledo, Ohio playing doom metal influenced by Candlemass, Windhand, Saint Vitus, My Dying Bride, and a wide variety of dark sources.

Featuring haunting vocals, dirty riffs, eerie leads, thundering rhythms, and a pall of sorrow that hangs over the whole sound, Wasteland Coven brings heavy, reverberating melancholy everywhere they

The project was initially conceptualized in 2018 as a way to bring more touring doom metal bands to the Toledo area – by establishing a bigger doom metal presence in the region and serving as a relevant opening act for those artists who traveled to the city. However, the project quickly took on a life of its own as original music was written and recording plans were made.

The lineup was finalized in 2019 with Susan Mitchel on vocals and bass, Bill Anderson and
Brandon Collins on guitars, and Jason Wilcox on drums.

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