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Rules for submitting music for The Women of Metal Radio Show

  1. Your band must be all female or female fronted to be considered for airplay. Otherwise your music will be ignored. We do not have the staff to help you locate other shows to air your music…
  2. If the recording is bad then we won’t play it. Poor volume level, excessive clipping, clicks or overall poor audio will result in no airplay. While we love indie bands we will not play a track that is of  poor quality, we still have to make a decent presentation for the listener and it doesn’t do us or you any favors to be playing a poorly recorded track. Basically if the tracks don’t sound like something out of your CD collection then please don’t send them in.

What not to send in this form:

  • Images (Should be in your presskit already)
  • Social Media  Links (Should be in your presskit already)
  • Questions on how to send music or if you can send music, your using a form to submit music to a Radio Show. The thinking is pretty circular.

All music must be in mp3 format

  • We will automatically reject any mp3 file sent to The Women of Metal Radio Show; that is incorrectly tagged. All Tags must be filled in correctly.
  • Title; the name of the song
  • Artist; This should be obvious
  • Album; Name of the album or EP song is off of. If the song is a single then the name of the song goes here again along with the word (single)… EX: Name of Song (Single).

We don’t have the above information so…. Failure to correctly tag your mp3 files will result in our not considering your tracks for airplay.

All music submission must be in mp3 format and no less than 256kbs, files in any other format or less than 256kbs will be rejected without notice. DO NOT RE-ENCODE A LOWER BIT RATE TO TRY AND MAKE IT TO THIS MINIMUM (We will know) 

Q. How many tracks should I submit?
A. As many as possible. The more you submit the higher your chances are for getting airplay and the more tunes we have of yours, the higher your chances are of staying in a longer rotation.

Q. Should I include a Press-Kit or One-Sheet?
A. Always… This is for a couple of different reasons; One do not assume everyone knows who your band is. Chances are greater that most people do not. Plus, a press-kit or one-sheet increases your chances for airplay innumerably.

No Press-kit or EPK will almost disqualify your band from getting airplay. WE DO NOT CONSIDER A FACEBOOK PAGE AS A SUBSTITUTE FOR A WELL WRITTEN PRESS-KIT.

Q. What is a Press-Kit or One-Sheet?
A. Either is an information pack that contains information about your band; Bio, Social Media Links, Photos and more. There are sites that allow you to make an Electronic Press Kit (EPK) ArtistEcard, ReverbNation and EZpresskitz, just to name a few. If you have a copy of Word or equivalent you can make a presskit in just a few hours with all the info you need.

Q. When will I know if my band has been accepted for airplay?
A. Usually within 7 days, sometimes a little bit more depending on how long the backlog is. However due to time constraints we won’t always tell you.

Q. My band isn’t a hard rock, metal or punk band. We are female fronted but we play pop and dance music. Can we get airplay?
A. No. We only play Hard Rock, Metal (all genres) and Punk.

Q. What if my band isn’t female fronted or all female, will you forward our music to other shows?
A. No, we do not have the time or manpower to match music with radio show.

Comments or questions are welcome.

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Email address must be valid if we can't contact you back then we won't be playing your music.
Link To ZIPPED Files so we can download them (DropBox, Hightail, Google Drive, ETC). ALL FILES MUST BE ZIPPED. We will not even consider downloading files that are not zipped. We also accept email submissions music at

If your Presskit is not in the zip file then you must include one. If you do not include one you are not going to get airplay on The Indie Authority. If you don't have one then you need to make one for your own benefit.... If No;
Message: Keep it short and sweet. DO NOT paste your band bio here, include it with the download. Do not post your Facebook or other links here. They should be in your presskit The DJ's will not see this. (max characters 250).

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