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MaMa Doom

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Country:United States
Years Active:2015 – Present
Genre:Doom Metal
Current Label:Majestic Mountain Records

Hailing from Newburgh NY, MAMA DOOM has been together since 2016 and finally discovered the perfect combination of sounds. MAMA DOOM traded in guitars for keyboards and ethereal vocals, and in doing so drove deep grooves into the earth below. A perfect union of crushing
bass and drums, it’s a sound at once familiar to fans of doom, yet at the same time offers a strangely unfamiliar
and unique tone, given its component parts. MAMA DOOM officially signed on with Majestic Mountain Records at the
beginning of 2021. In July of 2021, Majestic Mountain released their 2nd album, ‘ASH BONE SKIN N STONE’. The
album received high praise from Classic Rock Magazine, Astral Noize, Angry Metal Guy, Hard Rock Italy, and Hard Rock Germany to name a few.

MAMA DOOM is currently scheduled to record their 3rd album this Spring and will be performing in Oslo and London June of 2022.

Band Members


Little Apple of DeathEP2015
From Blue to BoneEP2018
Ash Bone Skin n StoneLP2021

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