Evernoir ‘Stages of Grief’ (Alternative Metal) (DI Records)

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FFO: Infected Rain, Jinjer, The Agonist

Location: Eau Claire, WI

Pre save and stream here: https://ffm.to/stagesofgrief

Evernoir is an Alternative Metal band from Eau Claire, WI. Original members Venerate Miercy and Vic Wiley formed the group in 2016, later joined by Trevor Wendt, Jimmy Booth, and Paul Ormsby. They are signed with DI Records. The members have united under a history of depression, and have chosen to take a stand for the wounded and fallen. Their lyrics focus around abuse and suicide awareness; they aim to encourage listeners to keep fighting and seek help. Music was a refuge for each member during their own struggles, and they want their listeners- dubbed “Noirbirds”- to know they are not alone and that there is hope.

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