Ember Sea – Meet Me by the Fire (Gothic Metal) New Video

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For all you brave, sometimes doubtful, ever-sanguine wayfarers…This one is for you. ‘Meet Me by the Fire’ is a captivating power ballad to soothe your bruised souls. Prepare for an emotional journey of trust in the path you must tread to find the ones you love. Though the road may be treacherous and daunting, those who persevere shall be rewarded with the warmth of blazing fire.

A video released (July 13th, 2023) will accompany the single that is presented by German metal label Green Bronto Records.

Presave:  https://artists.landr.com/055120800900

Ember Sea walk the line between Metal, Gothic & Rock, forging the best of those genres into their own unique style. Razor-sharp riffing, driving rhythms, spheric keyboards as well as the multifaceted voice of lead singer Eva blend into catchy songs that will remain in your head and heart. Tales of adventure seeking voyagers, raw nature, temptation and passion give you an insight into manifold soul worlds. While always keen on exploring and experimenting, the band keeps their songs straight and down-to-earth, making it comfortable to sympathize and go along with them and their music. Their passionate live shows add to their mix of styles when it comes to attract fans of different genres. EMBER SEA also provides an acoustic live set reflecting the band’s love for music and the skills of each single band member in an impressive way.

Written, arranged & recorded by Ember Sea

Mixed & mastered by Green Bronto Audio ( https://www.greenbrontomedia.de/ )

Cover artwork by Green Bronto Media

Videography and band photo by Carsten Frank ( https://www.waveland-media.de/ )

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Ember Sea Members:
Eva Gerland (Vocals)
Stefan Santag (Guitar)
Dirk Marquardt (Keys)
Enrico Mier (Drums)
Pablo J. Tammen (Bass)