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Years Active:
1994-2003 (as Claymore), 2012-2014 (as Claymore), 2014-present
Genre:Power Metal
Current Label:Stormspell Records

Heavy metal band from Lazarevac, a small mining town in the heart of Serbia.
The band combines traditional and power metal elements in their music, with epic and doom metal influences, but sometimes wanders off into a folk territory. Their style can be best described as kolubarsko-rudarski metal.
Lyrics of Claymorean are mostly based on fantasy and horror fiction, although some are derrived from historic events and also religion, philosophy, life and death.

The band released two albums under the name Claymore:
“The First Dawn of Sorrow” (2003, One Records)
“Lament of Victory” (2013, SoundAge Productions).

The first installment of the band was formed back in 1994 by its original member Vladimir Garcevic a.k.a. Vlad Invictus (guitars & vocals).
After many line up changes during the entire first decade, the band finally recorded their debut album “The First Dawn of Sorrow” in 2003, which was released on CD and MC for a Serbian record label “One Records”.

In 2012 a new band line up debuted on “Fabula”, a local festival in band’s hometown. Shortly after a live premiere, Claymore enters the “Midnight studio” in February 2013 and begins recording the sophomore album “Lament of Victory”. This album was published on “SoundAge Productions” on October 25th 2013.

After a successful show at “Serbian Metal Festival” in Belgrade in June 2014, band eventually changed the name to Claymorean.

Claymorean can be considered as an entirely new band, since the musical direction is very different from Claymore’s. The sound of Claymorean is more stripped down, back to the roots of power and heavy metal, minus the keyboards and symphonic elements.

In October 2014 Claymorean entered “Midnight studio” to record the first album under the new name. Recording process lasted over 5 months with the newly established line up. Claymorean released “Unbroken” on “Stormspell Records” on July 1st 2015.

The sophomore album called “Sounds from a Dying World” has been released on July 12th 2017 on “Stormspell Records”.

Claymorean played their 1st show in May 2017 as a support for Ross the Boss Band in Belgrade.

“Stormspell Records” released a limited anniversary CD compilation which, among many other bands, featured Claymorean’s cover of famous Manowar song “Blood of My Enemies”.

Serbian label “Miner Records” re-released “Sounds from a Dying World” in 2019 with an additional song “Arioch, the Knight of the Swords” and a completely re-designed booklet.

In 2019 Cederick Forsberg (Rocka Rollas, Blazon Stone, Crystal Viper) composed and recorded a song for Claymorean called “Blood of the Dragon” which was released as a digital single on Bandcamp and Spotify.

In 2020 Marko Novakovic joined the band as the new drummer and Claymorean started the recording sessions for their 3rd album “Eulogy for the Gods”.

Claymorean released their first music video for the song “Hunter of the Damned” which was also the first single taken off the “Eulogy for the Gods” album. The video was premiered on Keep It True TV Special and after that it was released on NWOTHM Full Albums YouTube channel.

On July 31st 2021 Claymorean presented the new material in front of the audience in Dom omladine Kragujevac, together with the band Oathbringer.

The song “Hunter of the Damned” was featured on NWOTHM’s The New Age of Steel Vol. 1 compilation.

“Eulogy for the Gods” the 3rd studio album, was released on all digital platforms on September 1st 2021. At the same time Vladimir Novaković joined the band as a 3rd guitarist and with him band had the first show on September 4th in their hometown after 8 years of absence.

The CD version of “Eulogy for the Gods” was released on September 15th via Stormspell Records.
Audio cassette version is going to be released via Miner Records, while the vinyl version is being handled by ZYX/Golden Core Records.

Band Members


The First Dawn of SorrowLP (Claymore)2003
Lament of VictoryLP2013
Sounds From a Dying WorldLP2017
Blood of the DragonSingle2019
Eulogy for the GodsLP2021

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