Black Road (March 2018)

Location: United States Genre: Stoner/Doom Metal
Status: Active Current Label: BloodRock Records
Years Active: 2015-?

Based in Chicago, IL and started in 2015, Black Road is a DIY labor of love. Their musical influences are styles such as metal, rock, heavy blues, psychedelic rock, doom metal, jazz, funk, and folk. The members of the band have joined together with a common passion for music.

Tim (guitar) had many projects in the past, but this is the first band where his riffs are front and center, creating the groove for the other three members.

With Suzi writing all the lyrics, she and Tim collaborate on a specific feeling or emotion to be conveyed through the songs. Tim has taken his single-guitar freedom in this band to new heights with each song written. This is the type of band he had always wanted; one where he did not have to compromise to create the sound he imagined.

Joining the couple sometime during the month of October 2016, Robert Gonzales (drums) and Casey Papp (bass) were clearly solid additions right from the start. They created a heavy and harmonious backbone for Black Road to build upon. After nailing all the songs for the EP, the 4 band members recorded their debut album together, just months after finalizing the lineup.

Taking on this diverse rock group with open arms is DHU Records, based in the Netherlands. Their first EP was released on cassette (and soon vinyl also!) with DHU Records. BloodRock Records (Italy) later signed Black Road for a limited-edition CD run, which was officially released the day the album went live on October 6, 2017.

 Since the album release, Black Road has had talks to sign a second CD deal with BloodRock Records, and is still awaiting the vinyl to drop very soon with DHU Records (early 2018).


  • Suzi Uzi (vox/lyrics/piano)
  • Tim M. (guitar)
  • Casey Papp (bass)
  • Robert Gonzales (drums)


Live & Lit (Live Album) 2017
Black Road (EP) 2017


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