OncetheSun (February 2017)

Location: Milwaukee, WI. USA  Genre: Heavy Metal
Status: Active Current Label: Independent
Years Active: 2004-?

Formed in 2004 by a group of friends that had one goal, to come together and make a dream a reality. Over the last several years OncetheSun has played hundreds of shows embedding in people’s minds their unique blend of alternative hard rock and heavy metal. Combining male and female vocals, heavy rhythms, pianos & synths, and adding emotionally wrenching and soul searching lyrics has helped OncetheSun stand out from an over saturated scene. When not playing shows, OncetheSun is always working on new material. In ’07 OncetheSun Released their first album “Shadows” and in ’08 released their E.P. “Blank Stares and Broken Words”.

After a year and a half of solid work, OncetheSun released their newest offering “8 degrees below”. Recorded at Bobby Peru recording studio in Milwaukee and mastered at the world famous West West Side Studios, OncetheSun finally found a way to let people experience the power of their live sound. Need convincing? Listen to the lead off single “Kisses” from their new album “8 degrees below” and find what you have been looking for: Music that helps you find redemption from your heartache.

More to come…


  • Anna Bohn-Keys/Vocals
  • Joshua Morrison-Bass
  • Jason Rabus-Guitar
  • Nick Mitchell-Guitar
  • Samuel Morrison- Drums


Shadows (LP) 2007
Black States & Broken Words (EP) 2008
8 degrees below (LP) 2011
 The Ghost Inside Me (LP) 2016


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