Oknos (July 2017)

Location: Hanover, Germany Genre: Symphonic Metal
Status: Active Current Label: FemMeropa
Years Active: 2013-?

Inspired by great Symphonic Metal Bands like Nightwish and Delain, music student Johannes Erdmann decided one day to follow suit and founded a band. With Benjamin Offeney playing guitar, Arne Kinast as bass guitar player and Sebastian  Brunn at the drums he soon found like-minded musicians. A short time after, singer Anna-Kristina Linnemann joined them, and the story could begin. In summer 2015, in the middle of the recording of the first album, Philipp Schräder joined the band and supported them at the keyboards.

Founded in 2013, the members of Oknos soon started writing their own songs and recording them, so that they could play their first small gigs in 2014. From winter 2014 until winter 2015 the recording of the album “Old World” took place. After mixing
and mastering of “Old World” in the Gate Studio in Wolfsburg, the album is now ready for release and will appear in January 2017 by the label “FemMeropa”. In their songs Oknos tell stories about love, adventure, death and hope. “Old World“ is a concept album with the central topic of a tragic love story and the philosophic question of what would be possible, if you could change the past – would there be the chance to make things right or would all end in tears again?


  • Anna-Kristina Linnemann (Vocals)
  • Johannes Erdmann (Guitar)
  • Benjamin Offeney (Guitar)
  • Arne Kinast (Bass)
  • Sebastian Brunn (Drums)
  • Philipp Schrader (Keys, Whistles)


Old World 2017


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