Eyevory (April 2017)

Location: Germany Genre: Progressive Metal
Status: Active Current Label: Soul Food
Years Active: 2009-?

Eyevory is a progressive folk rock band from Bremen, Germany.

The Music is a colorful mixture, combining joyful flute melodies, two outstanding female voices and catchy hooks with hard rocking guitar riffs and complex instrumental.

If one wanted to categorize the music of Eyevory, the term progressive rock would be the first that would come to mind. But it also incorporates many other influences such as folk, classical, pop and hard rock. To sum it up: a total work of Art without boundaries and barriers.

The quartet joined forces in 2009 as ‘Pink Mercury’, changing their Name to ‘Eyevory’ in 2012.

Eyevory can look back on performing a respectable amount of live shows including tour supports for the Canadian rock band SAGA, Doro Pesch and The Queen Kings.

For two years in a row the band won the German rock & pop award (Deutscher Rock & Pop Preis) as the best progressive band.

In early 2013 Eyevory pulled off a real masterstroke: A Symphonic Night of Prog Rock“ – a concert with their own symphonic orchestra. This concert generated a huge buzz internationally and was very well received.

It was filmed and will be released on DVD in Summer 2014. To make the DVD happen, Eyevory started a crowdfunding campaign that went through the roof (more than 9.000,- EUR) thanks to hundreds of Eyevory fans!

The band released in 2012 their first EP The True Bequest with Frank Bornemann (of Eloy fame) in the legendary, Horus Sound Studio“ in Hanover.

Eyevory would release their debut album Euphobia worldwide in April 2013, on the Label Artist Station Records.
The Band started to tour the album in 2013 and continues in early 2014, including more shows with SAGA and – for the first time in Eyevory history – playing outside Germany.


  • Jana Frank (Vocals | Bass)
  • Kaja Fischer (Vocals | Flute | Keyboards)
  • David Merz (Guitars | Triggerpedals)
  • Arne Suter (Drums)
Inphantasia (LP) 2016
Hope (EP) 2014
A Symphonic Night Of Prog Rock (LIVE) (LP) 2014
Euphobia (LP)  2013
The True Bequest (LP) 2012


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