Control The Storm (September 2015)

control the stormControl The Storm are a melodic metal band based in the UK. Offering unforgettable melodies, an astounding double assault of dual guitars, atmospheric keys and the hard hitting rhythm section that modern metalheads crave. Control The Storm were awarded a slot on Bloodstock Festival’s ‘New Blood’ stage in 2012 after winning Reading’s ‘Metal To The Masses’ competition. Their 2010 debut EP was well received by a growing fan base and since then, a number of line up changes have seen the band strengthen. Their first full length album ‘Beast Inside’ released in March 2015 has won the interest of metal fans all over world, receiving great reviews from well respected magazines and critics. Watch out world, there’s a storm brewing!

Control the Storm was formed in 2010 by Rich Shillitoe (Guitar), Raedon Mac (Keys), Daryl Barrett-Cross (Guitar) and Gareth Arlett (Drums), from the ashes of a previous band. Before long, the lineup was completed by Hayley Martin (Vocals) and Becky Baldwin (Bass). 2012 unfortunately saw Daryl leaving the band due to other musical commitments, and after continuing as a five piece for a short period, Patch Sanders was welcomed as second guitarist after an extensive auditioning process.

In 2014, vocalist Hayley Martin and drummer Gareth Arlett stepped down from the band, and a new chapter began with Nath Hutchins taking over the kit and Kate Norris becoming Control The Storm’s new voice. Stronger than ever, the new line up are excited to release the album “Beast Inside” and to continue touring over the UK and mainland Europe.


  • Kate – Vocals
  • Rich Shillitoe – Guitar, Vocals
  • Raedon Mac – Keyboard, Vocal
  • Nath Hutchins- Drums
  • Becky Baldwin – Bass, Vocals
  • Patrick Sanders – Guitar


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