Caducus (May 2015)

caducusCaducus is a four piece melodic metal band based out of Louisville, KY. Compared to bands like In This Moment and Evanescence, they are grabbing the Louisville music scene by the throat. Recently releasing their debut EP, String Me Up, Caducus is gaining buzz with radio play and press across the globe. Their first single and title track, String Me Up, hit the airwaves in November and made instant waves. In fact, WIRR 103.5 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada named Caducus in their top 30 female fronted metal bands worldwide.
Singer and primary songwriter Michala Bouska is no stranger to the music scene, and she definitely leaves a lasting impression on every person that crosses her path. Along with drummer Steve McDougale, guitarist Chuck Stoess and guitarist/bassist Jason Cheatham, Caducus is working hard to be heard by everyone, everywhere. Their live show can only be summed up by their lyrics. “Once we begin, there’s no safeword.”


String Me Up EP 2014


Michala Bouska Vocals
Steven McDougale Drums
Charles Stoess Jr Guitar
Jason Cheatham Bass/Guitar



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