Aria Flame (April 2015)


Aria Flame LogoAria Flame is an American neo-classical symphonic metal band with European flair hailing from Michigan. Utilizing operatic and rock style vocals, powerful guitar riffs and solos, symphonic keyboards and intricate bass and drums, the members of Aria Flame are truly professional performers. Their musical compositions are characterized by eerie diminished chords, occasional circus-like melodies, well formed bass and percussion. The lyrics describe ones journey from being taken into the darkness only to be reborn as the mythological phoenix. The word Aria comes from the classical word meaning “song” and the word “flame” represents the phoenix. Combining the two words reflects the combination of styles in their music.

Aria Flame was formed after the disbandment of singer and composer Aziza Poggi’s former band Dendura.  Dendura was a successful Egyptian themed metal band that was heard on The Comedy Central network, seen in magazines such as Metal Hammer, and opened for international touring acts such as Epica, Doro Pesch, Edguy, Scar Symmetry, Unexpect and The Agonist.

Aria Flame was created in spring of 2011 by singer and composer Aziza Poggi and drummer Erik Sales. Dendura bassist Greg Cloon was brought into the new project shortly thereafter with guitarist Daniel Cruzan joining the group in early 2012. Keyboardist Joop De Rooij (ex-Magion) was added to the group late 2014 and will participate on select USA concerts and all European dates.

From their inception, Aria Flame has enjoyed success with Aziza becoming a member of Eve’s Apple (a worldwide community of professional metal singers), opening for international touring acts such as Delain, Xandria, and Trillium, releasing a music video for their song “Divine World”, and releasing their debut EP in 2014 titled “A World of Silence”.  The EP  was produced by bassist Greg Cloon and mixed and mastered by Grammy award-winning producer Neil Kernon (Judas Priest, Nevermore, Queensryche, etc.). Following the debut release was an accompanying performance in Europe’s prestigious “Metal Female Voices Festival” which introduced the band to a worldwide audience sharing the stage with Therion, Leave’s Eyes, Diabulus en Musica, Serenia, and more.

Aria Flame has received stellar reviews from Sonic Cathedral, Powerplay Rock Magazine, Metal-Temple and has been seen in many international magazines being praised for their unique sound and performance.

“…a score of 10 out of 10.” “…It’s not often we have an American release that can compete with the best from Western Europe. . .or Eastern Europe. This one can. In a word, this is killer material, maybe the best American production I’ve ever heard. And on a par with the best material in the genre anywhere in the world.”
-Doctor T, Sonic Cathedral.

Currently, the band are setting up additional national and international tours, recording more music videos, and planning to release a full album of new music in 2016.


  • Aziza Poggi – Vocals and composer
  • Greg Cloon – Bass
  • Daniel Cruzan – Guitar
  • Joop De Rooij – Keyboards
  • Erik Sales – Drums


2014 – A World of Silence


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