Temtris (June 2014)

Temtris 2014

The Women of Metal Radio Show is proud to announce that Temtris is our June 2014 Band of the Month…. Temtris is also the first ever 2 time winner of The Band of the Month, the first being October 2012.

Celebrating the release of their 3rd Album – Shallow Grave.
Looking for an infectious blend of technical skill and powerful song-writing ability?
With the release of their 3rd full-length album “Shallow Grave’, heavy metal group Temtris continue to carve their own unique and dynamic musical niche in the metal realm. Powerful melodic and death vocals, blazing twin guitar riffs and solos and brutal rhythms combine to create an astounding visual and aural assault that will take you to the edge, and beyond.

Genevieve Rodda – Vocals
Llew Smith – Guitar & Vocals
Anthony Fox – Guitar
Adam ‘Spoon’ Wotherspoon – Bass Guitar
Ben Hart – Drums


SOUNDS NOTHING LIKE EVANESCENCE! Yes we have a female singer but shes got more balls then you! Our sound is more a blend of Trad/Thrash/Black and Death Metal aspects.

Shallow Grave
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