Trocaria (August 2013)

Joan Palmer of Trocaria
Joan Palmer of Trocaria our August 2013 Band of the Month

Trocaria is a one-piece female-fronted dark metal/gothic metal band based out of Charlotte NC (USA).

Trocaria blends symphonic melodies and overtones with straight-forward, no-frills guitar and bass work, with blackened death metal vocals–all tastefully blended together.

The project originally formed in September, 2007, under the name Trocarian Fate by Joan Palmer. The original concept of the project was to collaborate with and promote the talents of up-and-coming underground musicians in the Charlotte NC area. However, due to extremely poor response in the area, the original idea was scrapped.

Joan continued to write and compose more keyboard arrangements. Meanwhile, her friend, Jon, was writing lyrics and juggling around lyrical ideas. The blend of Joan’s darker-sounding symphonic metal was going to blend with Jon’s blackened death metal vocals–and no one would know what the outcome would be.

The result was an original-sounding and against-the grain approach to symphonic metal. Instead of the band being female-fronted, it was female-BACKED. The delicate feminine operatic voices were replaced by masculine blackened death metal vocals. The guitars and bass are gritty but solid, the keyboards are delicate but dark, and the vocals set the overall menacing tone and blend perfectly. The music appeals to a wide variety of listeners, due in part to Jon’s and Joan’s diverse musical influences.

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