A Better Tomorrow

a better tomorrow
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Country: Lyon, France
Status: Active
Years Active: 2017 – Present
Genre: Stoner, Doom, Hard Rock
Lyrical Themes: Equality, Solidarity, Ecology
Current label: Unsigned/independent
a better tomorrow

While firstly a reference to Hong-Kong’s cinema, the band’s name mainly represents our main concept : extracting influences from the past to develop a new sound, one that carries words that paint a better tomorrow.

The band is comprised of 4 musicians with varied backgrounds (from left to right) : Greg on drums &
backing vocals (Les Affranchistes, Logre), Thomas on bass & backing vocals (Dirt Satori), Vaness on lead
vocals (Muddy Escape) and Ben on guitar (A Sec).

When created in 2017, the band’s initial idea was covering metal versions of funk & soul standards.

Original compositions quickly took over, and a unique style was starting to appear : a heavy but groovy
rhythm section carrying powerful riffs and explosive solos and, last but not least, female vocals bringing
an unexpected soul & gospel flair to the mix.

Music is primarily inspired by 70’s & 80’s « Heavy » pioneers (Black Sabbath, Mercyful Fate) while
vocals lean towards afro-american singers of the same period (Jevetta Steele, James Brown). The 90’s
are another great source of inspiration for vocals (Tori Amos, Alice in Chains) and music (« Alternative
Metal » bands such as Faith No More or Rage Against The Machine). The latest compositions also
incorporate jazz, bossa nova and progressive rock influences.

Lyrics are the work of Vaness (except for « Ghost of Remembrance », written by Ben) and touch on
different topics that are dear to us : equality, solidarity, ecology, sharing experiences through human
interactions – and other, more personal messages.

After a couple of years of work, a handful of concerts and thanks to everyone’s past experiences, we
entered the studio to record our first album in december of 2019. Due to a few problems, mainly the
pandemic, it would only be released online in may 2021.

« Spiritual Crossing » embodies the ideas & spirit behind the band, both musically & lyrically : 5 songs,
35 minutes. While it can be considered short compared to similar outputs, you will find everything
promised in the previous paragraphs : the speed metal influenced « Spread », the hard rock inspired
« Black Cats » or the jazzy « Blow By Blow ». Guest musician Lionel « Mad Sax » Martin (Ukandanz)
plays saxophone on the title track and closer « Ghost of Remembrance ». The album is available on the
usual streaming platforms and on Bandcamp. CDs and vinyls will hopefully be available in early 2022.

Spiritual Crossing

Band Members

  • Vanessa Ghisolfi (lead vocals, keyboards)
  • Grégory Ogier (drums, percussions, backing vocals)
  • Thomas Jullien (bass, backing vocals)
  • Benjamin Lousky (guitars)
  • Lionel “Mad Sax” Martin (saxophone on tracks 1 & 5)


2021Spiritual CrossingEP

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