Women of Metal August 2017 Band of the Month Candidates

It looks like we are back in the Band of the Month business. happily! We are excited to bring to you the following nine (9) candidates for August 2017….

They are:

  • Book of Wyrms (Sci-fi,Fantasy)
  • Crystal Fairy (Crystal Fairy)
  • Edenbridge (The Great Momentum)
  • Sister Shotgun (Devour)
  • Ravenscry (The Invisible)
  • Royal Skulls (Love and Murder)
  • Battle Beast (Bringer of ┬áPain)
  • Mobina Galore (Feeling Disconnect…)
  • Willow Child (Trip Down Memory Lane)

Remember you can vote once daily for your favorite band and voting will close on August 5, 2017 at Midnight CDT (USA).

There is a song from each band in the video playlist below.

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