Delain: Lunar Prelude EP Review

Written by Scott Johnson

CD Info

Album: Lunar Prelude EP

Artist: Delain

Genre: Goth/Symphonic Metal

Language: English Lyrics

Release Date: February 19th, 2016

Rating: 4.5/5


Hailing from The Netherlands, Delain brings us their 7th album entitled Lunar Prelude, which serves as a tasty morsel to tide over the fans until their next album is released later in 2016. The EP offers us 2 new tracks, Suckerpunch and Turn the Lights Out, a remix of the song, Don’t Let Go, which was originally released on the album, The Human Contradiction. Live recordings of the songs, Lullaby, Stardust, Here Come the Vultures, and Army of Dolls, also from Delain’s The Human Contradiction, and recorded at various shows on their 2015 tours. We also are treated with a special orchestrated version of Suckerpunch, as a finale to this stellar EP.

The track, Suckerpunch, is a song that deals with the topic of facing one’s own inner demons, as Charlotte Wessels, lead singer of the band, so eloquently describes. She continues by saying, it’s a more dark topic than most of Delain’s songs, but it was where her head was at for a time, and thought it would be great lyrical fodder for a song.

Next, we have the track entitled Turn the Lights Out. The idea for this song comes from Neil Gaiman’s graphic novel titled The Sandman, and based on the character named Death, from those books. This song is also, somewhat darker in subject, than most of Delain’s catalog, but the band, especially Martijn and Charlotte, are big fans of comics and Neil Gaiman, so it was really a no brainer for them to write a song on this subject.

The band wanted to remix the song, Don’t Let Go, in order to give it a more real sound, because the version that is on the album, The Human Contradiction, had more of a robot feel to it, since the drums and other elements of the song were computer recordings. The new version has all live and breathing musicians this time around, which gives it a more live sound than the previous version.

The 4 live tracks on Lunar Prelude, were recorded at various shows on Delain’s 2015 tour of Europe and were picked from the shows where recording was available and that had the best sound quality and best crowd response. They are a great testament to what a real, live, Delain show offers. For all of the movie soundtrack fans out there, Delain gives us a movie score worthy version of the song, Suckerpunch. Which severs as a perfect and epic ending of this top notch EP from Delain.

Overall, Delain’s Lunar Prelude EP does what it was intended to do. It gives us a taste of the future, a visit to rethought visions, the glory of the live show, and the epicness of what Delain would sound like as a movie.  It doesn’t matter if you are a diehard, seasoned Delain veteran, or a newly recruited fan into the Delain army, Lunar Prelude is a great example of all that Delain has to offer.

4.5 out of 5 rating.







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