August 2015 Band of the Month Candidates

August 2015 Women of Metal Band of the Month Candidates

Introducing our Women of Metal Band of the Month Candidates for August 2015.

Yes it is that time again. Who is going to join some of the great bands who have won in the past? Bands like Heaven The Axe, EYE RA HAZE and Temtris (our only 2 time winner).

This months candidates are in no particular order Leeja Stark, Dysrider, Against Myself, Scardust and Secret Rule…. Watch the video’s and vote for your favorite.. You can vote once daily.


Dysrider is a Symphodeath Metal band from Morges, Switzerland. Originally created under the name Trophallaxy in 2007, the band has released two studio albums and a demo.

Playing initially an effective but traditional Symphonic Metal, the band has continued to evolve in a more aggressive style by incorporating more elements specific to Death Metal. The contrast between the sweet voice of the singer Joëlle, her cello and the keyboard, with the Death vocals of Jonathan, rapid and violent rhythmics of the guitar, the bass and the drums, is even more striking and original.

After all the praises that “Resilience” received, the last album released in March 2013, Dysrider will release a new album in February 2015 which promises to continue the rise of the band.


Secret-Rule-photoSecret Rule: Resonating with the dramatic and poetic backdrop of their home city of Rome, Secret Rule have created a fitting masterpiece of progressive rock, with inspirations taken from the worlds of power metal, goth and pop, with acoustic and electronic inserts, plus insanely catchy and memorable melodies. The album “Transposed Emotions” is released on 16th February 2015, and the first video and free single is available now.. the melodic and captivating “True Friend”.

Formed at the beginning of 2014, the band is fronted by the powerful and crystal clear vocals of Angela Di Vincenzo (Kyla Moyl, and most recently a guest with Kaledon), masterminded by lead guitarist Andy Menario (Martiria) who has worked with a host of luminaries including Vinny Appice (Black Sabbath, Dio), Jeff Pilson (Dokken, Foreigner), and Carlos Cavazo (Quiet Riot). The line-up is completed most excellently by bassist Michele Raspanti (Graal) and drummer Ruben Ramirez (Myr).

“Transposed Emotions” was recorded in 2014, produced, mixed and mastered at Antfarm Studios (Denmark) by Tue Madsen (Halford, The Haunted, Mnemic, Hatesphere, Ektomorf). Art design by

Watch the “True Friend” music video
Download the mp3 “True Friend”

In terms of touring, Secret Rule will be warming up with 2 Italian shows in January. Plans are in the making for shows across Europe during 2015.


against myselfAgainst Myself was formed in Argamasilla de Alba, Ciudad Real (Spain) in 2009.
In 2010 they recorded their first studio album called “Sky Ashes” which was released in April 2011 by Santo Grial Records. The album got good reviews both internationally and nationally. After an intense tour for over a year they decided to begin with the composition of their second album.
n November 2014 they announce their second album called “Odyssey To Reflexion”. In January 2015 they released the new album accompanied by a videoclip for the single “Through The End Of Times”. Both received fantastic reviews.


scardustScardust began, under the name “Somnia”, in 2013 as a duo project, when the musicians Orr Didi and Noa Gruman wrote a rock opera called Gates of Dawn. The opera was arranged for a full symphony orchestra, choir, and metal ensemble. A demo was fully recorded at a home studio quality, but due to technical reasons was not yet recorded professionally and officially released. The single from the opera, Betrayal, can be found at the Somnia’s channel on YouTube.

Later on, drummer Yoav Weinberg and bassist Yanai Avnet joined the project and Somnia turned from fantasy to reality: out of the dark basement and into the rehearsal studio of a rocking live band. Orr and Noa decided to put Gates of Dawn on hold until further notice, and write a new project tailored for the performing band. While writing their EP “Shadow”, Orr took charge of lyrics, composition and arrangements, but did not play in the band.
In early 2014, guitarist Yadin Moyal and keyboardist Lior Goldberg joined the band, as the writing of Shadow was completed – with each band member adding their own personal touch.

In summer 2014 the band began performing at local clubs, with a choir of four singers dressed in black hooded cloaks. In the fall of 2014 they recorded the Shadow EP at Cast Iron studios, and released it on February 2015.
After releasing the EP, they found out that someone else had the trademark for the name “Somnia”, and they changed it to SCARDUST.

Today, the band consists of vocalist Noa Gruman, drummer Yoav Weinberg, guitarist Yadin Moyal, and bassist Yanai Avnet.

Orr and Noa continue writing materials for Scardust’s first full album, which will also include new materials to be written by the rest of the band members.


IMG_8326Leeja Stark is an American Experimental Rock band from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. The band finds influences in rock legends (David Bowie, Kate Bush, Annie Lennox, Freddie Mercury, King Crimson, Stevie Nicks, etc). Their sound has progressed from electronic rock to electronic progressive rock over the last 2 EP’s becoming more technical but remaining true to the lyrics and melody of each song.

In early 2012, Leeja Stark released a concept EP called House of Eyes about

a girl caught in the throes of the demon world.  It begins with the song Supernatural in which an incantation to release the demon from the body is recited and ends with a chilling ballad Impossible Things that leaves the story to be continued as we find out she is with child.

Also in 2012 they released a single, Symptoms of Insanity. The song is a duet featuring screamer Bret Stark. The video received almost 200,000 views in its first 24 hours on Youtube.

In another song-writing collaboration, Leeja has co-written the song Charming Arms with producer/musician Christopher Lee Simmonds (Filter, Thought Industry, Good Charlotte, Marcy’s Playground).  The message about the agony of drug abuse is written in Simmonds’ music as well as the lyrics.  Charming Arms has been released in three forms; the original, a Dis-Honesty mix with an electronic dubstep sound, and the raw Honesty mix offers an industrial take.

Most recently (2014-2015) LS has been working with producer Ulrich Wild (Pantera, Otep, Stolen Babies, Emilie Autumn etc) on their EP Cosmic Queen which was released April 9th 2015.

They also produced a vaudeville-esque music video for the song Welcome to the Night. On the horizon for the band is a 3rd EP, as well as numerous shows throughout the north east for the remainder of 2015.




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