Women of Metal Interviews – Gaby Koss (Diskelion)

JAYSON: Why don’t you take a moment to give the reader a little history about Diskelion

GABY: I always wanted to do a Solo-vocal project and when Tom sent me his song and I did the Demo, I asked him if he would like to write more songs for me for a CD. He agreed and as I invented the name Diskelion for another double female fronted metal project of mine but took another one I decided to take this name for my symphonic metal band project. Tom also liked the name and he started working on songs. During recording I actually changed for short my mind to do a double female fronted band but as the singer I chose right in the first days/weeks turned out to be very demanding and critzising and I heared rumours behind my back of things she insultingly told of me, I right away had the feeling that it wont be a very harmonic relation and teamwork, so I decided again to make it my Solo project.
But as I love to sing in duet and do not give up finding nice and thankful duetpartners I thought of asking singers I already worked with or wanted to work with me. Also I asked a couple of friends – musicians from other bands – to help me recording the CD. They all made a wonderful job and I am very thankful they put their inspiring work recodring the songs.

JAYSON: How would you describe Diskelion’s sound?

GABY: Very voice related project (of course as I am a singer 😉 lol ) and as I have a lot of different great singers singing in duet with me and the more as I did the arrangements on the songs of the second voices – the high and low voices. It is symphonic melodic metal and the violine and viola really gives it also a special touch.

JAYSON: Is there a meaning to the name “Diskelion”?

GABY: Actually I invented it when I thought for this other double female metal project I wanted to built up and I was thinking of Triskel or Trisekon but all the names were already taken by bands so as it was to be a double female fronted I thought just to take the DI for Two instead of TRI for Three.

JAYSON: It’s been a few months since Remember Sorrow came out. How would you say it’s been received by the listener?

GABY: I actually released it in Dezember on Bandcamp and in January on all other internet plattforms. The bad thing is that I have no label and no clue of promotion and marketing. Furthermore Tom is in England and has no time as he has his own cover band project.
I invested everything in it so I will try now to get it more promoted and a physical cd too but there are still problems with the booklett. Plus normally I need to do concerts to get it sold but for this year I have so many other things I focused on and did not apply for any concerts as I wanted to do some studiowork with other projects too and to have more singing lessons again as I really missed them the last 3 years because of so many concerts, organizing and so on for my Ensemble of old music Cantus Lunaris. SO I decided this year to have a quiet one also to concentrate on myself and my other solo music projects.


JAYSON: Let’s go back to the recording process, what was that like?

GABY: It was fun but also a waiting process of month as sometimes – as they did it for friendship – I had to wait that the musicians could record as they have their own music things they earn money for living with. So of course if you want a friendship thing as they are known in the scene – they only do it because you know them – you can not be rude and demanding, you have to be humble of course and thankful that they are so kind to do it. And I am very happy that they did as without them the music would only half as good but with great musicians and a great production – the studio also was very kind and they mixed and mastered the new Equilibrium CD of Nuclear Blast at the same time and with the same sensibility, so it is really a high qualtiy and first class production. And today without that – I mean you can hear a lot and sometimes people do not care and think it is not needed to have a high standard production but me as a professional musician having done many CDs with Bands what had great productions but also bad productions , I did and do not want a low standard production. Neither in musicians, nor Mix and Master nor Design. If you start as a musician that might be ok, I mean I started too but for advanced and knowing of a high quality standard and hearing the differences I really longed for it. 😉

JAYSON: On a personal note, Who are some of your personal influences?

GABY: I am influneced by many genres of Music from Epic to Ethno Sountrack music and of course Classic, Renaissance, Barock , Celtic/FOlk , but also I loved to do Gospel, Jazz and Musicals and Chansons. I had many classical concerts, weddings and burials where I did not only sing arias but also World music as Musical, Jazz and Gospels.

JAYSON: What does the future hold for Diskelion?

GABY: I will see how it will lead me. I have many different projects also. I have many own melodies and ideas I could use to create and compose a CD on my own. Maybe this will be the next step. Also right now I am recording another Horror Movie and some other great tracks for Cd releases.

JAYSON: Upcoming shows?

GABY: As I already answered in a question above for this year there wont be shows with Diskelion. I would have musicians what are eager to go on stage but this year I need for myself to relaxe from the last 3 years and to finish my already started projects and recordings and focus on my own solo career. 🙂
JAYSON: If someone wanted to purchase Remember Sorrow, where could they do that?

GABY: You can find Remember Sorrow on Bandcamp, i-tunes, spotify, amazone and many other digital plattforms but hopefully soon also when some things with the booklet are solved as physical CD. I hope you will enjoy as you can already listen the cd on Bandcamp. 🙂

Discography: Appearance on CD/DVDs:
Haggard: “Awaking The Gods” – Live in Mexico (2001)
Haggard: “Eppur Si Muove” (2004)
Spi-ritual : “Pulse” 2006
Equilibrium: “Turis Fratyr” 2005, “Sagas” 2007 (only choir) and on “Rekreatur” 2010
Helfahrt: “Sturmgewalt” 2006
Varg: “Wolfszeit/Schildfront” 2007
Darkdream: “Behind dead eyes” 2007
Ars Irae: “Ignis fatus” 2007 and  “Verwelkt” 2005
Howling syn: “A taste of modern evil” (Canada) 2007
Nota profana: Demo 2009
Braveride:  “Rise of the dragonrider” 2010
Factory of dreams “Utopia” 2010
Beto Vasquez “Infinity” 2010
Nostra Morte (Mexico) – song NOVA – 2012
Cantus Lunaris – Debut CD – Ensemble for old music May 2013
Nota profana – Devils Playground – February 2013
Theatre of NIght  – 2013 2 Christmas metal songs
Dominia – Death only – Septbember 2014
Fri Siel  – Vanquish – September 2014
Sub Pup Music – Submersive – Track: Forgotten – November 2014
Diskelion – Remember Sorrow – Dezember 2014
Sub Pup Music : Weighted Ground – Tracks: Tears of War and Shining Hope – January 2015
Cantus Lunaris – Formosus Fons – 2015

Website: http://www.diskelion.com/
acebook: https://www.facebook.com/Diskelion/

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