RITI OCCULTI stream new album at Zero Tolerance Magazine; Pre-Orders announced

Today, Italian blackened doomsters RITI OCCULTI stream the entirety of their self-titled album at Zero Tolerance Magazine’s website!

Originally released in 2012, Nordavind Records is set to unearth this remastered and reissued edition on 23 February 2015. Pre-orders are available right HERE for €10 only with free shipping worldwide!

Formed in 2011, Riti Occulti showcase a new form of black metal – one that blends inextricably with doom and ritualistic music. Their sounds range from Sabbath-esque doom of the ’70s, to some of the ancient exotic sounds of the East, to the contemporary hazy black metal of Europe.

Don’t miss this release from one of Europe’s finest doom metal acts, which will be limited to 300 units and feature new artwork by Serena Mastracco.

Cover and tracklisting are as follows:ritioccultialbum2014

1. It’s All Grey
2. Revelation
3. I’m Nobody
4. Alcyone
5. Desert of Soul
6. Bitter Awakening
7. Never a Joy

February 23rd, 2015 marks the official worldwide reissue of this stunning album from one of Europe’s finest doom metal acts! The CD will be limited to 300 units and features new artwork designed by Serena Mastracco.


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