Lyria is a Brazilian Symphonic Alternative Metal band. It was idealized and founded by the singer and songwriter Aline Happ in 2012. The name Lyria was inspired by the Greek Mythology and the lyre that was an important musical instrument for the Greeks. It is also related to the flower lily and to the word lyrics.

In the end of 2012, Lyria presented its first song called Reflection inspired by the Narcissus Myth. The song was really well received especially in Europe and in The United States. In 2013, Eliezer Andre (drums) and Thiago Zig (bass) joined Lyria as official members. In 2014, the band decided to take a break from concerts and focused on its first album that was produced through a successful crowdfunding campaign where fans from different parts of the world got really engaged with the cause.

Mixing different kinds of Heavy Metal like Symphonic, Thrash, Industrial and the Traditional Heavy Metal combined to the mezzo soprano’s voice of Aline, Lyria presents a very unique, modern, deep and strong sound.


  • Thiago Zig – Bass (2012-present)
  • Eliezer Andre – Drums (2012-present)
  • Aline Happ – Vocals (lead) (2012-present)




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