Ex Libris Loses Two Members.

Ex Libris PromoThe following article was posted on Ex Libris Facebook page earlier today.

Dear friends, fans and followers:

We have some sad news to report. Unfortunately as of last June Paul van den Broek, who has been a part of Ex Libris since the very beginning, has decided to leave the band. We are very sorry to see him go, as we have been, and always will be, great friends! There´s no bad blood or hard feelings, it is simply a case of people going their separate ways.

We would like to thank our audiences in Bilston and London once more, as these last two shows were also Paul´s last gigs with us. They rank as two of our most amazing, incredible and inspiring concerts so far! It´s been one hell of a ride! Paul, we wish you the very best in life and in all the future musical endeavours that are bound to come with it. Bottoms up!

Well, as much as we wish it weren’t so, there’s more sad news to report. Ex Libris will also part ways with drummer Eelco van der Meer. Sometimes things just don’t work out, as unfortunate as it may be. However, we would like to thank Eelco for a great time, a great album and some truly epic gigs. Take care, and we’ll see you around!


As you have probably figured out by now, we’re down from five to three. Does this mean Ex Libris is gone forever? In a word, no. However, as there is currently no way for us to give people the show they expect and deserve, we have decided (with a very, very heavy heart!) to cancel our appearance at the Valkyrian Festival. We cannot stress enough how incredibly difficult this decision has been for us! But the current situation simply leaves us with no other option.

We strive to bring you more news about the future of the band before the end of the year.

Ex Libris

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