Women of Metal June 2014 Band of the Month Voting

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls and wild ones of all ages. The Women of Metal Radio Show proudly submits for your approval, it’s candidates for Women of Metal June Band of the Month.


Temtris 2014aTemtris are an enigma. Displaying an infectious blend of technical skill and powerful song-writing ability, Temtris are a direct result of the band’s constant conviction to their craft and their fans. Founding members Anthony ‘Fox’ Roberts (Guitar), Genevieve Rodda (Vocals) and Wayne Campbell (Mortal Sin) came through the early years together in Labyrinth (also known as Labrynthia for a brief time). In the beginnings of Temtris the duo was joined by guitarist/songwriter/vocalist Llew ‘Ahzael’ Smith (Disparity, Malice, Ravensgate). Also featuring Aaron ‘Lord Azgard’ Warboys (Bane of Isuldur) on bass duties. This line-up completed the group’s first studio recording, ‘Threshold’. Good luck finding a copy – (or well done if you’ve got one), ‘cos the band only did a limited press run and only made them available at shows.

This was followed up with the groups second release ‘Masquerade’ This time with Tom ‘Machine’ Wallace on drums and Gav Swan on bass.(This one’s much easier to get hold of (available on Itunes).

Currently Temtris is supporting their most recent release “Shallow Grave” which was released on March 28, 2014 by Battlegod Productions.

Current Lineup:

  • Genevieve Rodda – Vocals
  • Llew Smith – Guitar & Vocals
  • Anthony Fox – Guitar
  • Adam ‘Spoon’ Wotherspoon – Bass Guitar
  • Ben Hart – Drums

Ideal Zero

Ideal Zero IPD Ideal Zero Formed in 2010 by lead vocalist Irina and her husband Clint, Ideal Zero is a classically infused alternative rock group from Orlando, FL. Their debut 5 song EP was released in April 2012 and was produced by renowned producer Brett Hestla, who has been behind the hits of Framing Hanley, Dark New Day, Tantric, Starcity Meltdown and more.

With influences of metal, jazz, and electronic music, Ideal Zero has created a unique blend of hard hitting music with heartfelt lyrics and infectious melodies. Currently working on their first full length album with Brett Hestla, scheduled for release in 2013

Current Linueup:

  • Irina: Vocals
  • Clint: Guitar/Keyboard
  • Richard: Bass
  • Charles: Drums



Shear: Shear is a six piece, Helsinki-based metal act. The members of Shear have played in many familiar metal bands. Shear is an energetic and entertaining live band.

The current lineup of Shear was finalized in 2008. The members have, however, played together for many years. The guitarists Mikael Grönroos and Lauri Koskenniemi, and keyboardist Lari Sorvo have played together since 2001. Bass player Eerik Purdon joined the group in 2004, and the drummer Juhana Karlsson in 2007. Shear’s lineup was finalized in 2008 when vocalist Alexa Leroux joined the band.

Shear’s first official release is the four track EP entitled ’In Solitude’. The EP was recorded and mixed at Arcada Studios in the fall of 2009 by guitarist Mikael Grönroos. ‘In Solitude’ was mastered at the famous Chartmakers studios.

The ‘In Solitude’ –release is a demonstration of a fresh approach to female fronted metal. The catchy and melodic vocal lines combined with the heavy and technical instrumental soundscape is what makes Shear stand out. Shear’s music is easily approachable for a regular listener, but also intriguing to a more experienced and demanding listener.

 Current Lineup:

  • Alexa Leroux – vocals
  • Mikael Grönroos – guitars
  • Lauri Koskenniemi – guitars
  • Silver Ots – bass
  • Lari Sorvo – keyboards
  • Juhana Karlsson – drums

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