Country: USA
Location: Portland, OR
Status: ACTIVE
Year Formed: 2009
Years Active: 01/09 - Current
Genre: Symphonic Metal
Label: Unsigned/independent

Lumus is a Dark Symphonic Metal band from Portland, Oregon. Their music is heavy, dramatic, and melodically rich, while simultaneously paying great attention to storytelling in each song.

Lumus on women of metal
Charlotte von Camp and Jon Lumus

Classical orchestration melds their rich harmonic tapestry with heavy aggressive riffing and infections off-beat rhythms. Lumus stands out among other symphonic acts in the depth and complexity of their orchestration along with blistering solo performances on guitar. Their music has a dark aggressive edge uncommon in melodic metal.

Jon Lumus founded the band in late 2009 out of need to create darker, heavier music that still challenged his classical training and background. The first single ‘The Burning Plain’ won a Director’s Award at the Nashville International Song & Lyric Writing Competition 2010. Their debut album Bacchus Curse met immediate critical acclaim, and was nominated by Metal Storm Magazine as the Best Symphonic Metal Album of 2012


  • Lost Child   –  Single  –   2010
  • The Burning Plain  –  Single  –  2010
  • Challenge  –  Demo  –  2011
  • Bacchus Curse  –  Full-length  –  2012
  • Haunt  –  Single  –  2012
  • Synchronicity – (Yuki Kajiura)  –  Single  –  2012
  • Bloody Tears  –  Single  –  2012


  • Sean McLaughlin – Bass (2009-present)
  • Joe Spencer – Drums (2009-present)
  • Jon Lumus – Electric violin (2009-present)
  • Dustin Behm – Guitars (2009-present)
  • Charlotte Von Camp – Vocals (2011-present)


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