Leather Leone solo 2014

CHASTAIN’s LEATHER LEONE ‘Wanted A Much More Basic, Primal, Sound’ On ‘Surrender To No One’ Album

Leather Leone solo 2014
Leather Leone 2014

David Necro of CryptMagazine.com recently conducted an interview with CHASTAIN singer Leather Leone. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

CryptMagazine.com: How did the new [CHASTAIN] album (“Surrender To No One”) come together and what went into it?

Leather Leone: The new CD came about through increased conversation with [CHASTAIN guitarist David T.] Chastain. I value his knowledge and advice, I called him regularly when I was doing the SLEDGE LEATHER PROJECT. We eventually just fell into talking about making music again. As I say, the circle of life!

CryptMagazine.com: How is it working with David now compared to back in the ’80s?

Leather Leone: It’s the same intense, frustrating, glorious experience! Studio is not a favorite place of mine. I feel confined, too restricted! I prefer the stage. Chastain has certainly gotten used to dealing with attitude after our history. He gets the best out of me, for sure. It is quite the accomplishment when your creation is complete. As I always say, what a blessing!

CryptMagazine.com: What is the songwriting process now compared to back in the ’80s?

Leather Leone: We can now do all of our ideas and parts online. No longer necessary to be in the same room, which I miss! But other than that, it’s still hard work and dedication. The song remains the same!

CryptMagazine.com: How does this new album compare to the other CHASTAIN albums?

Leather Leone: As I listen to it, it seems like natural progression for us. Chastain and I absolutely have our sound! It’s hard for me to answer that honestly. It’s difficult for to me listen objectively when the CD is finished. From your feedback, it seems we have stayed classical while stepping forward. I intentionally did the vocals a bit dirtier than before. I wasn’t crazy about the vocal tone on “For Those Who Dare” and “Voice Of The Cult”. I wanted a much more basic, primal, sound. No layering, no doubling, no harmonies — just me and how well I was breathing that day.

Read the entire interview at CryptMagazine.com.

“Rise Up” lyric video:


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