Jill Hughes Kirtland on Women of Metal 1/4/2014


Jill Hughes Kirtland author of Celebrating Women in Metal will be LIVE on The Women of Metal Show tomorrow night on Insane Realm Radio 8pm CST


Brief Bio:

The first musician Jill Hughes Kirtland ever interviewed was Edgar Meyer,
the GRAMMY award winning upright bass player, when she was a
freshman at Ithaca College. She knew then she wanted to be a music
journalist. In 2007, she started an online magazine for progressive rock &
metal (USA Progressive Music), which allowed her to interview many of
her favorite musicians and learn the art of concert photography. Around
that time, she also became the manager for New Jersey-based
progressive metal band Suspyre, and then she donned the hat of tour
manager for Shadow Gallery, the progressive metal band based in
Pennsylvania, all of this allowing her to immerse herself behind the scenes
into the metal music industry. After selling USA Progressive Music in 2010,
she traveled all over the world conducting interviews with female
metalheads—musicians, fans, photographers, promoters, and other
behind-the-scenes women—all the while fending for her life in the photo
pits at metal concerts to create this book.
Jill Hughes Kirtland currently resides in New Jersey with her husband,
daughter and two cats. She can mostly be found in her home office
wearing a black band t-shirt, listening to a metal album on her Tannoy
monitors, or blaring music at deafening levels from her iPod in her car
while traveling to concerts, or working with a prog band in their latest
scheme to steer the next generation away from bad pop music.

Please help Jull Hughes Kirtland raise money to fund the publishing of her book “Not Just Tits in a Corset: Celebrating Women in Metal.”  This book will be self-published by Jill Hughes Kirtland.   Available as a pdf, e-book (for iOS devices), or a softcover and hardcover printed book. All contribution levels include a copy of the book in one of these formats. You will receive the book before it is available to the public (non-contributors).


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