Leeja Stark – Female Voices of Metal (March 1, 2014)

Leeja Stark
Leeja Stark

Leeja Stark is an industrial metal band from Pittsburgh PA. Formed by lead singer Leeja Stark in early 2013. After a few trial and errors they found almost instant chemistry among current members; Ryan Martin (guitar), Thor Lesnock (drums), and Mitch Meverden (bass). The band has since released a 5 song EP with producer/ song writer Bret Stark. They also released their first music video to single Symptoms of Insanity.

Songs about love, hate and the supernatural world, Stark finds inspiration for songs in everyday life. The House of Eyes EP reveals dark lyrics but pop hooks falling into an electro industrial metal realm.

Stark has recently found success through the internet. Their first video receiving 199,000 youtube views in the first 24 hours. They then went on to become Insane Realm Radio’s Women of Metal Shows September 2013 band of the month. And were interviewed by various publications nationwide.

You can find Stark playing in and around the PIttsburgh area for the next few months. During this time they will be launching a kickstarter campaign promoting a video series to their first EP. If the series is funded they will begin recording right away and also begin writing and recording a full album.

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  • Leeja Stark (Vocals)
  • Bret Stark (guitar)
  • Matt Kastner (drums)
  • Christopher Simmonds (bass)

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