Raven X

Raven XRAVEN X was formed in 2006 by guitarist Khâos and vocalist Nÿx. Their music is a blend of progressive,gothic and death metal with hints of industrial and black metal added into the mix.Combining the powerful death growls and euphonically clean vocals of Nÿx with the crushingly heavy and symphonically melodic guitar work of Khâos, RAVEN X create a highly original form of avant-garde metal.

The band is planning to independently release its first CD in 2012. The album will be an emotionally driven and dynamic collection of songs that will captivate the listener with various mood inducing atmospheres.
With their creative sound and relentless pursuit of perfection…

RAVEN X is sure to take flight in the very near future!!!


NŸX – all Vocals & Lyrics

KHÂOS – all Instruments & Music



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