Kittie was founded in 1996 by sisters Mercedes and Morgan Lander when they were barely on the cusp of adolescence. Now at the ages of 21 and 23, they are accomplished musicians, writers and well seasoned veterans of the industry. They were just 15 and 17 years of age when their first C.D., “Spit”, was released on NG/Artemis records. “Spit” was quickly Certified Gold and to date, they have sold well over 1,250,000 units worldwide with 3 Albums and 2 EP’s under their belts. Kittie have toured extensively, played with such notables as Slipknot and Pantera, co-headlined Second Stage at Ozzfest, co-headlined Snowcore, performed on the Conan O’Brien and Later Shows and hosted MTV’s Head Banger’s Ball.

Kittie have performed at major European Festivals such as; Dynamo, Hultsfred, Rock-Am-ring, Rock-Im-Park and headlined Second Stage at European Ozzfest. They have also played the Beast Feast Fest in Japan, toured Australia, Mexico and have been featured in numerous magazines such as Metal Edge, Spin, Alternative Press, Revolver, Rolling Stone, Rhythm, News Week, Washington Post, Melody Maker, Metal Maniacs, Metal Hammer, Kerrang, Daily Telegraph, etc.

Kittie have managed to stand out and be noticed in the very competitive world of Metal. Their incisive brand of music has definitely taken them into uncharted territory. Never before have an all female heavy metal band impacted on such a male dominated genre. Every time they step on stage they make history.

The ladies are now poised to strike at history again with new music that expresses quantum leaps in evolution and a fresh and very talented new lineup: Tara Mcleod (21), brings with her from popular South Western Ontario Band “Sherry”, scorching guitar solos and riffs that only serve to make “Metal’s Truest Diva’s” unattainably peerless. Trish Doan (20), previously in London all girl band “Her”, is the final dynamic element in Kittie’s bold presence. Her powerful presentation on bass adds unprecedented clarity and weight to the bottom end.

The fortuitous melding of all these ladies’ gifts has birthed a dazzling presence and stunning stage performance. It is as it always should have been………a united, awe inspiring juggernaut forging indelible melodies born upon gale force metal backdrops. What started out as a group of little girls in a basement nearly a decade ago has become a massive indomitable force. Kittie have had brushes with greatness and near misses with extinction but have never surrendered.


  • Morgan Lander – Vocal & Guitar
  • Mercedes Lander – Drums
  • Tara McLeod – Lead Guitar
  • Trish Doan – Bass


  • Spit (2000)
  • Oracle (2001)
  • Until the End (2004)
  • Funeral for Yesterday (2007)
  • In the Black (2009)
  • I’ve Failed You (2011)

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