Interview with Temtris’ Genevieve Rodda

Written by Jayson Shell

Genevieve RoddaThis month I had to opportunity to interview Genevieve Rodda lead vocalist of our October 2012 Band of the Month Winner Temtris. During the interview we spoke about Temtris (past, present and future). A future that looks bright with a new album on the way (March 2013) and a growning legion of fans from around the world.

Jayson Shell: Since many people outside of Australia haven’t heard of Temtris I think we should start off by telling the world a little about Temtris.

Genevieve Rodda:Temtris formed in 2002, with band members from Sydney and the south coast of Australia. We decided to give the band a name which would describe the fact that it was female fronted and metal at the same time. Temtris self released its first album “Threshold” in 2003 and it was sold exclusively at concerts for Temtris fans !

Following a few years of hard work, touring and performing (and the usual run of line-up changes), Temtris had built a solid fan-base and, as a result, in 2007 Temtris was offered world-wide distribution of their next album with Battlegod Productions, so we hit the studio again and released “Masquerade” in 2008. This album has been sold in Europe and America through Plastic head, Century Media, H’art and Twilight distributors. Promotion of “Masquerade” by Battlegod Productions also saw Temtris appear on several compilation cds including Metal Maniacs and Kill City and the album was strongly advertised in some of Europe’s biggest metal magazines; Terrorizer, Legacy and Metal Hammer.

Temtris is currently playing shows throughout Australia and will be hitting Melbourne, Canberra and Brisbane again in the New Year.

In musical terms, Temtris has always been a hard band to catagorise because of the individual combinations of strong female vocals, twin guitar harmonies, death backing vocals and powerful rhythm section. We are traditional metal, but do have influences of thrash, death/black and power metal that comes into our song writing.

Current members of Temtris are; Genevieve Rodda / Vocals, Lew Smith / Lead guitar and backing vocals, Anthony Fox / Lead guitar, Dale Green/ Bass, and Benjamin Hart /Drums.

Jayson Shell: Who are some of your personal influences?

Genevieve Rodda: I’ve always been a huge fan of Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden), Geoff Tate(Queensryche) and also love bands such as Megadeth , Guns n Roses , Flotsam and Jetsam and Arch Enemy and Doro (Warlock).

Jayson ShellI’ve talked to many women who have said it’s very difficult for a woman to be a metal musician. Have you found that to be the case? Or is it easier now then it was say 10 years ago when Temtris started?

Genevieve Rodda: It’s never been easy! We are judged before we are heard and I find people are quite often shocked at what Temtris sound like when they actually take the time to check us out. I believe it will always be tough for a female to get respect in this genre!

Jayson Shell: Do you feel that the ladies are more respected now.

Temtris_LiveGenevieve Rodda: No not really, I think you still have to prove your worth!

Jayson Shell Recently it was announced that Temtris’ CD “Masquerade” has sold out of physical copies. Describe that moment, when you found out. Happy, sad, bittersweet?

Genevieve Rodda: We are pleased that this album has sold out. It’s a very satisfying feeling. But we will look at repressing it after the third album has been released. It’s great to know that there are fans of Temtris world-wide with that cd!

Jayson Shell: You mentioned to me in the past that Temtris is working on a new CD. Any progress on that?

Genevieve Rodda: Yes, with the songs written and the rhythm sections recorded we are back in the studio currently working on guitar tracks with producer Syd Green (Mantissa/Iota) and also working with an artist developing the concepts for the cd art.

Jayson Shell: can the world expect to see the new Temtris CD? Any potential release dates on the horizon?

Genevieve Rodda: We will be releasing again through Battlegod Production and are looking at having the album available early March 2013 if all goes as planned.

Jayson Shell: What’s the writing process like for Temtris? Is it something that you are constantly doing? Do you just write when you have to get into the studio and record a CD?

Genevieve Rodda: Both guitarists of Temtris are always working on new material and usually give me a song idea or structure to write lyrics to or sometimes I will have an idea I will take to them.

Jayson Shell: Any shows on the horizon that you would like to share with our readers?

Genevieve Rodda: The next show for Temtris will be in Sydney at the Steel Assassins Metal Festival on the 2nd of November and then back into the studio again before we head to Brisbane on the 11th of January.

Jayson Shell: Any plans to branch out and hit the USA or Europe anytime?

Genevieve Rodda: Battlegod Productions are currently meeting with promoters in Europe and they are hoping to put together a Battlegod Productions tour in 2013! We would also love to get to the USA as we have a great fan base building there, but right now we are mainly focused on the next album release.

Thank you Genevieve. Again feel free to add anything we did not cover here.




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