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Phyllis Rutter (Mousai)
Phyllis Rutter (Mousai)

The Women of Metal Radio Show on Insane Realm Radio is a Labor of Love by show host and Website Co-Owner Jayson Shell. Jayson has spent his entire life amassing a very respectable collection of albums’ CD’s and digital media of female ROCK, METAL and PUNK acts from Blondie to Pat Benatar, To Arch Enemy and In Serenity to Mortad and Nightwish, Jayson has listened to them all.

Or so he thought:

“Two years ago when I was asked about doing a show on Insane Realm Radio. I said sure as long as I can do it my way with the music I wanted to play”. That was the beginning of the Women of Metal Show. Shortly after that first conversation I had another conversation with another DJ who said “no one is going to want to listen to that, it’s too cliche. Besides where are you ever going to find enough music to play on the show?  In all honesty I didn’t know the answer to that. What I did know is I had over 200 bands and about 350 albums worth of music to get started with, but I also knew that wouldn’t  get me very far.

Fortunately what I have found is a community of bands that is very

Alex Lindsay Roth (Second Empire)
Alex Lindsay Roth (Second Empire)

willing to share and are working hard to get their names out there. So gathering new music hasn’t been a problem at all. I have found that many of these bands I play (many are independent)  are serious for attention from the audience, they’re generally hard working and talented and just want to be taken seriously by the listening audience.”

The Women of Metal Radio Show also holds the distinction of being the first program ever aired on Insane Realm Radio;  Says JaysonThat was a great honor, and to see how the show and the station has grown, since that first airing on January 28, 2012. It’s humbling and flattering, but in reality I am not alone in this endeavor know by our fans simply as WoM. Of course there’s website co-owner and Insane Realm Radio manager Eve Lynn and our web mistress Janine Paige who help make this what it is. But none of us would be anywhere without the great bands we get to play and listen to every day. Bands like Mousai, Temtris, Second Empire and Trocaria. These are just a few of the bands that have supported us as much as we have tried to support them.

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