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Activist-Artist OTEP Launches Second Leg of “The Resistance” World Tour, Calls for Equal Rights and Social Awareness

Tour Begins Thursday, May 25 in Santa Ana, CA | Tickets @ www.oteploves.me

Groundbreaking art-rock performer, author and spoken word artist OTEP shook up the states earlier this year with her popular “The Resistance” World Tour performances – potent, engaging exhibitions of activism awareness spreading the vital word on equal rights, social education and political enlightenment. Back by popular demand, OTEP is launching a second extension of the tour, beginning on May 25 in Santa Ana, CA and visiting over 30 more states through July 5. See below for all confirmed tour dates. Continue reading Activist-Artist OTEP Launches Second Leg of “The Resistance” World Tour, Calls for Equal Rights and Social Awareness

OTEP Debuts New Song “ZERO” via Revolver Magazine

hOlFsUvNew Album GENERATION DOOM out April 15th via Napalm Records

Formed from the poetic marrow of creative intercourse, OTEP is more than a band. OTEP is an Art Movement, a Revolution; Breaking ground. Breaking rules. Breaking barriers. Articulate. Aggressive. Pure Adrenaline. ARTcore of Heavy Mental Rock.” This is how mastermind/vocalist OTEP Shamaya and her band have been described and this album proves this truth! Continue reading OTEP Debuts New Song “ZERO” via Revolver Magazine

Otep Assaulted on Stage in Illinois

(credit; MetalSucks)

Following the media fallout from the incident this past March in which Otep Shamaya was groped by a member of the band Terror Universal, MetalSucks has become something of an outlet for the singer. She appeared on our podcast shortly thereafter and gave one of the most candid, honest and intriguing interviews we’ve run to date, and now her people have reached out to us again with an exclusive statement regarding another assault incidenst at Otep’s June 7th show at Take 20 in Belvedere, Illinois.

Is this union between snarky metal bloggers and a musician they’ve shown a public distaste for over the years most unlikely? For sure, but we’ve always dug Otep Shamaya as a person, and we’re all about it!

So, here’s the statement from Otep, followed by a description of the events:

“I’d like to thank everyone, all the fans and supporters, the venue and their security, who stood by me during the unfortunate altercation after our performance. Our shows do get wild and riotous but this was different. I apologize for all the blood but I was being physically threatened and had to defend myself. Thanks again for your unending support.”

According to staff and audience members, a man, described as very large and belligerently drunk, was attempting to instigate fights before the show, including harassing OTEP’s muscle-man guitar player, Aristotle. Later, this same man was seen throwing a young woman into the Monitor Board which resulted in a disruption of sound during OTEP’s set. After the show, as Otep was on stage inviting people to the meet & greet at the merch table, the same man screamed out that she was a “CUNT” and charged the stage. Fearing for her safety, she instinctively struck his head with her microphone. He screamed to hit him again and lunged at her and she struck him a second time. Security then removed him from the venue while he continued to scream insults at Otep.

Known for her advocacy against bullying and her stance regarding violence against women, Otep continues to defend equality and safety for all people, including her own.

For anyone questioning why this incident is so outrageous, we’ve got one word for you: Dimebag. Rushing the stage is just NOT cool under any circumstances. We’re glad Otep is alright and the only person harmed in the incident is the asshole who’s hopefully shitting into a bucket in a jail cell as we write this.


Big News from OTEP

We will let the tweet from January 20, 2104 speak for itself, but it would appear that OTEP has decided that retirement wasn’t for her. We think this is great news and look forward to whatever OTEP brings to us.

otep hydra
OTEP HYDRA Released January 22, 2013
Otep Shamaya
Otep Shamaya

Yes we know the tweet was from January 20, 2014. But it few  under our radar and thought it was worth repeating.


Otep Shamaya
Otep Shamaya

Otep originally was a four-piece nu metal band that began in Los Angeles, California in early 2000. They were invited to play Ozzfest before they had even signed to a label after Sharon Osbourne witnessed a brief part of their live performance. They have since played Ozzfest several times. To date the band has released five full length albums, and two EP’s.

In 2007, after the dismal performance of The Ascension, Otep was officially dropped from Capitol Records.

In 2009 Otep signed with Victory Records. Their 2009 album, Smash the Control Machine, was to include a reunion with former members Mark “Moke” Bistany on drums and Rob Patterson on guitar. The album also featured Koichi Fukuda on piano, and Emilie Autumn on violin. The band appeared with 2Cents, Five Finger Death Punch & Shadows Fall on the ‘Shock & Raw Tour’ of North America in the fall of 2009.

On September 30, 2010, Jay McGuire left the band.

In 2011, Otep toured as a supporting act, along with Earth Crisis, for Cavalera Conspiracy.


  • 2001 – Jihad (EP)
  • 2002 – Sevas Tra
  • 2004 – House of Secrets
  • 2007 – The Ascension
  • 2009 – Smash The Control Machine
  • 2011 – Atavist

Former members

  • Jason “eViL j” McGuire – bass (2000–2010)
  • Rob Patterson – guitars (2001–2004)
  • Mark “Moke” Bistany – drums (2001–2004, 2009)
  • Brian Wolff – drums (2006–2008)

Touring musicians

  • Lee Rios – touring guitars (2004)
  • Scotty CH – touring guitars (2005)
  • Aaron Nordstrom – touring guitars (2007–2008)
  • Steven Barbola – touring guitars (2008–2010)
  • Ari Mihalopoulos – touring guitars (2010–present)
  • Scott Coogan – touring drums (2003)
  • Doug Pellerin – touring drums (2004–2005)
  • Dave Gentry – touring drums (2008–2010)
  • Chase Brickenden – touring drums (2010)