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Lou Gevorkian (Louna) on The Women of Metal Show 10/10/2013

Lousine Gevorkian
Lousine (Lou) Gevorkian

Perhaps the most explosive female rock vocalist in all of Russia. Lousine Gevorkian is known for her emotional vocal performances and her ability to truly connect with the audience.

Born in Soviet controlled Armenia, her parents moved to a small town near Moscow when she was 7 years old where she began studying music. After high school she knew she needed to get to Moscow and the only way she could afford it was to enroll in a state run college–any college–to take advantage of the opportunity to live in the dorms.

Shortly thereafter, she started singing in a local rock band and soon was invited to front the long-established legendary underground rock band Tracktor Bowling. After joining Tracktor Bowling the band won the 2006 RAMP Award for Best Alternative Band.

In 2008, Lou, along with Tracktor Bowling bassist Vit Demidenko, decided to create a new side-project to explore a different style of music and lyrics which didn’t fit with the established style and character of their current band, and thus Louna was born.

Lou devotes a great deal of her time teaching upcoming vocalists to improve their craft by giving lessons to nearly anyone who seems serious in their intentions to learn, and even features a great many of them in her videos and arranges for their bands to tour with them throughout Russia to help them get their starts. Over the last year Lou has performed numerous charity benefit concerts to support Russia’s innumerable orphans and other children in dire need of medical care which is otherwise not available from the state run health care system.


Louna is an Alternative/Punk rock band, formed in Moscow in 2008 by Tracktor Bowling musicians Lousine (Lou) Gevorkian and Vitaly Demidenko.

Their debut album, Sdelay Gromche!, was released in 2010. In total, the group has released three albums and six singles to date.

The band is best known for its socially conscious songs criticizing Russian political elitesand religion. Louna’s songs are frequently found on Russian radio and rock charts.

Louna is composed of members Lousine Gevorkian (vocals), Vitaly Demidenko (bass), Sergey Ponkratiev(guitars), Rouben Kazariyan (guitar) and Leonid “Pilot” Kinzbursky (drums).

LOUNA’s Touring Van ROBBED Today in Dallax, TX – Nearly ALL Personal Belongings Gone


Russian Band LOUNA Robbed During Second Week of Tour in Dallas, TX

Russian hard rock band LOUNA is currently on tour in the United States with The Pretty Reckless and Heaven’s Basement. Friday, in Dallas, TX, the band’s touring van was unfortunately robbed of passports, unique DVD merchandise, MP3 players, computers (one of the SILVER Macbook serial numbers is SW89521YF66D, if found), cash, and many other personal belongings by a currently unknown individual. The band and crew are missing nearly all of their personal items that they came to America with. The only things that weren’t stolen were items actually attached to the vehicle.

This incident occurred between 12:30PM and 1:00PM FRIDAY, October 4, 2013 in the parking lot outside of a restaurant in Caruth Plaza in Dallas, just yards from where the band was standing.

LOUNA is relying on American law enforcement to assist them in locating the individual that robbed them of their much-needed items. As a band from another country, it is even more of a struggle to be without their personal belongings with weeks of touring left to complete. The band is charging on, but they need assistance of law enforcement and fans in order to bring down the individual that committed this crime.

PLEASE NOTE: If anyone finds any of the 28 live DVD’s that were stolen from LOUNA in a pawn shop or sold on the street, it was stolen in this robbery and should be reported to the authorities.

If there is any possibility that anyone has any information on the whereabouts of this person, or anyone saw anything suspicious in the aforementioned area, please contact us to pass information to the band.

Thank you.

Editor Note: Louna is accepting donations through Paypal. You can donate at lounarocks@gmail.com … Any amount will go towards helping Louna replace items that were taken in this horrible crime.