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Lies, Inc’s – Lily Taylor on Women of Metal Radio 2/22/2014


Lily Taylor from Pittsburgh, PA. hard Rockers Lies, Inc joins The Women of Metal Radio Show this Saturday 2/22/2014 at 8pm CST for a discussion about her band and The Female Voices of Metal Fest II which Lies, Inc is a part of.

Tune in live to The Women of Metal Radio Show on Insane Realm Radio EMBRACE THE MADNESS!!!

Believe the Lie!

Lies, Inc. is a four-piece power rock band from Central PA. Featuring an experienced cast of regional all-star talent, Lies, Inc. presents high-energy hard rock originals that bridge a variety of genres and styles.

Combining elements of hard rock, punk, metal, and progressive, Lies, Inc creates serious chops that combine with catchy hooks to create a sound that bridges the gap between musical credibility and commercial accessibility

Lies, Incorporated Mission Statement

To sell the best and worst lies at the absolute greatest value to our customers, regardless of their budget, integrity, or intentions. Lies, Incorporated does one thing better than anyone else: Lie. From price misquotations to overcharged invoices and late deadlines, we promise to overcharge and under-deliver. Inflated expectations met with unsatisfying results… That’s the Lies, Incorporated way.

We promise that our customers will experience unpredictable service (unless we promise unpredictable service, in which case, service will be unpredictably predictable, in a sense making it unpredictable again, as customers are viewing unpredictable services as predictable and… oh, you see what we mean). As always, after the initial service lie, all additional lies are FREE (unless, of course, we decide to charge you).

We are: Liars, fabricators, nullifiers of the truth, and the people your parents warned you about.

We are not: Forthright, honest, candid, or fit to be trusted with the combination to the safe, your secret crush, or the keys to your car.

We are Lies, Incorporated!



Lies, Inc. Female Voices of Metal (March 1, 2014)

Lily Taylor - Lies, Inc
Lily Taylor – Lies, Inc

In the realm of the corporate world, there lie fallacies so devious that it would take a certain kind of seedy corporation to cover-up and encourage such deceits. Enter Lies, Inc., a four piece progressive metal machine with a chairwoman at its front.

Through a combination of hard rock, punk, metal, and progressive, Lies, Inc. ensnares its listeners with sheer skill and driving force. With catchy hooks and an aggressive edge, this band brings a powerful female-fronted presence to the music scene.

While layoffs and new incentive programs have certainly altered the sound of the original corporation over the years, Lies, Inc. was reborn when front woman Lily Taylor entered the fold in 2011.

Since that time, they have been writing to a new-found sound of dark and aggressive progressive rock. With the help of artist Dani Kalakus, Lies, Inc. has affirmed their image as a twisted corporation bent on exploitation and deception.

A powerful musical entity that has reached fans all over the United States, Lies, Inc. continues to expand and perform throughout the East Coast.

Lies, Inc.
Lies, Inc.

Lies, Inc. plan to add to their self titled EP with the release of a highly anticipated full-length album at the close of 2014.

Believe the Lie.


  • Lily Taylor: Vocals
  • Nate Nagle: Guitar
  • Ron Brode: Drums
  • Kent Tonkin: Bass



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