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Lady Beast – Female Voices of Metal (March 1, 2014)

Deborah Levine-vocals

Lady Beast clawed its way into existence in early 2009 as a four piece.  As with any new band, early on there were some lineup changes.  The band played and slayed until spring of 2011 when we completed our 5 piece line up and polished our heavy metal sound.

In June of 2011 Lady Beast recorded its first self titled album (only on vinyl) and released the metal madness ourselves in the summer of 2012.

Since the release, Lady Beast has been getting some great opportunities, including Inferno Records (FRANCE) releasing the CD and cassette versions of album ( CD version includes a bonus track; Lady Beasts cover of Judas Priests “Ram it Down”) and some over seas exposure.

Lady Beast lives to rock and we have played everything from brutal basement shows, bars, and higher capacity venues.

The fire has been fueled and now Lady Beast is creating new metal masterpieces…faster and louder than before!

Lady Beast
Lady Beast

She is hungry and the Beast needs to feed.

Band members:

  • Deborah Levine-vocals
  • Tommy Kinnett-lead guitar
  • Christopher Tritschler-rhythm guitar
  • Greg Colaizzi-bass
  • Adam Ramage-drums

Lady Beast on the Web