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Women of Metal Radio Show Saturday (January 23, 2016)

Saturday--123Saturday (January 23, 2016) 8pm CST (9pm EST) Women of Metal Radio Show on The Indie Authority will feature music from our January 2016 Band of the Month Claymorean.

We’ll be featuring music from Valkyre, DORO, Burning Daisy, Epica, Aria Flame, A Sound of Thunder, Lillye, Pamela Moore and many others.

Kent and Jayson will be spotlighting Scarlet Canary, Inside Mankind, PraY ManTiCøre and Docka pussel

February 2016 Band of the Month Candidates: The Order of Chaos,Mandragore, Scarleth and Scorching Winter

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Liz Pomeroy (Burning Daisy) on WoM 8/10/13

Burning Daisy
Burning Daisy


Burning Daisy are a Calgary based keg full of inebriated rock. Melodically angry guitar riffs float between powerful haunting vocals, and heavy, crashing drums all swimming in a haze of rumbling bass lines.

Liz Pomeroy sits down with our own Jayson Shell Saturday August 10 to discuss Burning Daisy, their music and much more.

Saturday at 8pm CST

Tune in live on Insane Realm Radio

Burning Daisy (Bio)

The story of Burning Daisy begins in early 2012, with the meeting of musical minds Liz Pomeroy and Al Pujo.

Vocalist Pomeroy who was born in Ireland, moved to Calgary from Ottawa, in 2011 and was looking to start on a new musical adventure out west. She has been involved in numerous projects across the Atlantic as well as gigging in Ottawa before her move to Calgary.

Bass player Pujo has played in Calgary bands for over 14 years, and found himself bouncing around from jam to jam and project to project unable to find the right musical fit.

Liz Pomeroy
Liz Pomeroy

Pomeroy and Pujo met over a frosty pint at Local 510, on Calgary’s Red Mile in January 2012 — there was an instant rapport between the two. They decided to begin creating music together.

Shortly after, the Irish front woman connected Russ Edworthy through a mutual friend. Edworthy brought a decade of experience as a songwriter and guitarist. The group of three set to work on writing songs, and creating a fledgling album.

But the trio needed a fourth — a drummer. After working their way through numerous percussion artists, a Calgary community of musicians connected Pujo with Jon Blaskovich — a talented and well seasoned drummer. His inspiring and hard hitting style was a welcome addition to the group.

In March of 2013, the missing piece in their signature sound was discovered, right under the nose of bassist Pujo. His longtime friend and former band mate — musical genius Jonny Vincent. A long time Calgary musician, and sound engineer, he was brought in as a second guitarist, adding a welcome touch of flair, and completing the “wall of sound” sound that Burning Daisy had been looking for.

In early April, Burning Daisy pooled their hard-earned cash from shows to put together a self-titled single. Working with the technical mastery of Ian Dillon from Electric Park Studios, Burning Daisy recorded three tracks for the single.

With their usual tenacity, Burning Daisy are due back in the studio in late April and early May of 2013 to record a new full length LP to replace their album lost in legal limbo in 2012.
Along with working furiously to write new material in preparation for the new album — the band will be part of the Doomination Tour, June 1 to June 9, 2013. .

Burning Daisy are also currently working on booking a fall tour in eastern and central Canada, as well as a short European tour in spring 2014.


Liz Pomeroy – Vocals, keys
Al Pujo – Vocals, Bass
Jonny Vincent – Guitar, Backups
Dustin Frick – Drums


Burning Daisy – Evil Monkey – 2013.
Burning Daisy – Heavy Human Err – Released 2012

Official Website



Burning Daisy Gallery