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Saturday (2/15/2014) Theatrum Mundi and Second Empire on WoM Radio

Theatrum Mundi
Theatrum Mundi

Tune in LIVE to Insane Realm Radio this Saturday (2/15) to the Women of Metal Radio Show. This week Jayson will be interviewing members of our February 2014 Band of the Month Theatrum Mundi about the band, their music and their 2013 release The Eyes of the Realm.

Also joining the show will be Alex Lindsay Roth and Bret Stark from our May 2013 Band of the Month Second Empire, they’ll be talking about their new single “Fascination” and Female Voices of  Metal Fest II.

Alex Lindsay Roth
Alex Lindsay Roth – Second Empire
Bret Stark
Bret Stark – Guitar

Second Empire – Female Voices of Metal (March 1, 2014)

Alex Lindsay Roth
Alex Lindsay Roth – Second Empire

The band finds the inspiration for its name in the French Second Empire, specifically the epic renovation of Paris commissioned and begun during this period. The modernization of Paris resulted in the city we see today, considered one of the most beautiful in the world, and was intended as a projection of the capital’s grandeur and the majesty of its nation. The period also gave name to the architectural style known as “Second Empire”; one of the best-known examples of this style is the famous Paris Opera House, home of the “Phantom of the Opera”…

In the ever changing music scene, few bands are able to accomplish what Second Empire has in just a short span. Already receiving comparisons to internationally renowned bands such as Evanescence, Lacuna Coil, Nightwish, Within Temptation and Delain, the band has begun to take the symphonic metal scene by storm.

Formed in the summer of 2011 by vocalist Alex Lindsay Roth and guitarist Bret Stark, the Pittsburgh based symphonic metal act is taking no prisoners in their conquest. After winning the first ever Pittsburgh Rock Challenge in January of 2012, the band embarked on a short tour of the north eastern United States, solidifying its already budding fan base. At the same time, the band teamed with renowned film maker Dan Handley to produce its first video, The Valley Beneath. The band then worked with producer Christopher Simmonds to record its first EP, Second Empire. Following the success of Second Empire, the band produced two singles – Birth of the Empire and The Nature of Healing.

In September 2012, Second Empire was honored to open for one of the most prestigious symphonic metal bands in the world, Kamelot. Also joining Second Empire at that time was drummer Matt Kastner. Shortly thereafter, the band headlined the Female Voices of Metal Festival and the Chicks Rock Fest.

“Our biggest goal, in Second Empire, is to help people discover some of the bands that have preceded us in the genre,” says Kastner. “We would love nothing more than to see people embrace the symphonic metal community in North America the way they have in Europe.”

The band is constantly collaborating on new music and bringing it to life in the recording studio and on stage. Although every song is different from the last, Second Empire’s sound is cohesive and distinctive. The band continues to connect with fans around the world because Second Empire believes that once you hear symphonic metal, you will be conquered.

Second Empire on The Web