Midnight Eternal

Location:   Unites States Genre: Symphonic Metal Status: Active Current Label: Inner Wound Recordings Years Active: 2014-? Midnight Eternal is a symphonic metal band based out of New York City/NJ. The ...
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Location: USA Genre: Heavy?Power Metal Status: Active Current Label: Leviathan Records Years Active: 1984-? Chastain is a heavy metal project formed in 1984 by guitarist David T. Chastain and signed ...
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Syrens Call

Location:  France Genre: Progressive Metal Status: Inactive Current Label: Pervade Productions Years Active: 1998-2013 Power, Melody, Emotion. These three words together fully show what the musical universe of SYRENS CALL ...
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Location:  Italy Genre: Gothic Metal Status: Active Current Label: Scarlet Records Years Active: 2007-? The Evenoire have been active since 2007. In 2008 they released their first EP  "I Will Stay" ...
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History Lyria is a Brazilian Symphonic Alternative Metal band. It was idealized and founded by the singer and songwriter Aline Happ in 2012. The name Lyria was inspired by the ...
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aria flame on women of metal

Aria Flame

Aria Flame was created in the spring of 2011 by dramatic mezzo soprano singer and composer, Aziza Poggi and percussionist, Erik Sales. Before putting a live unit together, Aziza started ...
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A Sound of Thunder

Formation, EP and Single (2009-2010) Formed in 2008 by founding members Josh Schwartz (on guitar) and Chris Haren (on drums), the band went through several early line-up changes before recruiting ...
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Country: USA Location: Portland, OR Status: ACTIVE Year Formed: 2009 Years Active: 01/09 - Current Genre: Symphonic Metal Label: Unsigned/independent Lumus is a Dark Symphonic Metal band from Portland, Oregon ...
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Celebrating the Women of Metal