Cassandra Syndrome

Cassandra Syndrome is a Maryland-based Symphonic/Gothic Metal band brimming with explosive riffs, operatic punch and infectious energy.  This female-fronted powerhouse combines elements that are simultaneously dark and beautiful.  Forcefully heavy riffs and a healthy dose of groove combine with soaring soprano vocals to create what Metal Bite calls “[P]ure metal magic… music with a purpose while still blowing your doors off with an attack that is as brutal as a shark feeding frenzy.”

The band’s intense, high-energy performances have proven time and again that they are not an act to miss live.  The heated musical edginess and dark, angry undertones of the band’s studio releases come to life on stage, delivering a concert experience with staying power.  The potent alliance of Joe Cariola‘s punishing bass, scathing riffs of Jen Tonon‘s rhythm guitar, and throbbing beats of Jay Jericho‘s drums create a driving ground assault which weakens your defenses before being met by the searing lead lines of guitarist Chris Kackley. Above it all, radiant as Angelic Death, the resplendent soprano of Irene Jericho soars above the battlefield.  The music of Cassandra Syndrome is “sung with a vocal hard to forget, over a metal framework hard to duplicate.” – Sonic Cathedral

The band is currently touring to support their 2011 release, ‘Satire X.’ Past performances include Ram’s Head Live, the Ottobar, Club Orpheus and The Depot in Baltimore, MD, The Asylum, Bound and DC Midnight in Washington, DC, Alley Katz in Richmond and many more. Cassandra Syndrome has also been featured in festivals at Battery Park, NY, Winchester, VA, North Andover, MA, College Park, MD and Richmond, VA.


Cassandra Syndrome was formed in November of 2005 by Irene, Jay and Joe as well as two former members of folk rock band Revel Moon, BJ Robey and Brett McCoy. In the band’s original incarnation, BJ played rhythm guitar and Brett played lead.

Brett McCoy left Cassandra Syndrome to pursue an independent musical project in late fall of 2006. Chris Kackley joined as lead guitarist in December of the same year.

Cassandra Syndrome’s first EP, Dissent Into Heresy, was released in May of 2007.The band toured in support of the EP all over the East Coast.

BJ Robey left Cassandra Syndrome in January of 2008 for personal reasons and for a while, CS was a four-piece. The band recorded their first full-length album, Of Patriots and Tyrants, after signing with Figmental Records in February of 2008. The album was produced by Keith Center and Jeremy Rodgers of The Dreamscapes Project.

Toward the end of work on Of Patriots and Tyrants, Katie Doherty came on board as a rhythm guitarist and backing vocalist. She performed with Cassandra Syndrome from February of 2009 till March of 2010 when she left for personal reasons. Jen Tonon joined the band that same month as the new rhythm guitarist.

Cassandra Syndrome released their second full-length album, Satire X, August 1st, 2011. Recorded over the winter of 2010 and early spring of 2011, Satire X was produced by Jeremy Rodgers and Lani Urreta.

Cassandra Syndrome has a mailing list, a Facebook page and a Reverbnation. All are updated regularly–stay connected to the world of CS with any of them.




blackthornAn all-female metal coven named Blackthorn was formed on All Hallows Eve and that certainly left a powerful mark on each aspect of the band’s activity.
Some drops and essentials of Symphonic, Black and Gothic metal, an ethereal soprano, violent extreme vocals, thunderous rhythm section, sinister guitar riffs, mystic sounds of a violin and occult lyrics – here are the ingredients of a magic potion of Blackthorn, able to enchant almost everyone.

The metal witches first entered the studio in 2006 to record three songs for the demo “The Prologue of Eschaton” . A few years later, they recorded their debut album Gossamer Witchcraft, which was released in 2009 through Ravenheart Records. It’s Russian version, entitled “Araneum”, was released the same year through Musica Production.

Thanks to the soul-stirring music, preternatural magnetic energy and uncommon line-up, the band was quickly on the top symphonic metal circuit in their homeland and over the years have conducted many rituals in Russia and abroad in such countries as Ukraine, Belarus and Estonia. Highlights include playing on the main stage at Metal Crowd Festival together with Catamenia and Battlelore, performances at Metal Heads Mission Festival and Iron Maiden Festival 2008 & 2011, support shows for Vesania, Christ Agony, HATE and Frantic Amber.

This winter Blackthorn proudly announce their new album «Codex Archaos», filled with dark atmosphere of alchemical chambers and having more aggressive and creepy sound than before. «Codex Archaos» is set to be released in December 2011 via MSR Productions.


  • Aina – Soprano/Scream
  • Elvira – Guitars/Growl
  • Greta – Bass, Varaska
  • Drums, Less – Violin

Credit: RevebNation


AshentideAshentide is a female-fronted symphonic metal band from Los Angeles, California, USA / America.

Created through love for symphonic metal, Ashentide combines heavy, driving distortion, haunting vocals, and lush symphonic arrangements to create a unique, fantastical experience.

Late in 2008, Overlord Tom began the search for others to share his love of melodic metal. In short order, he found Andrew, whose boundless energy and talent compliment his wicked fingers on anything with strings. Next was Anastasia, whose classical training melds with her fierce spirit to create rich layers of harmony and emotion. They next recruited Lenore to give a velvet voice to the stories of their passion.

This wayward crew poured their souls into creation of their self-titled EP, forged with the guidance of Daante, whose savage solos and wise words helped gain the album an epic release in July 2011. Inspired by the sound, Jorge filled the void as a second guitarist, allowing the group to complete the luxuriant guitar harmonies that cried out to be made whole.

The original music they create, influenced by everything from Beethoven to traditional folk music to black metal, creates a union of the brutal and the beautiful with rich harmonies and wrenching riffs. Together, Ashentide makes legend and fantasy real, allowing the world of the impossible to come to life through story and song. Carrying on in the tradition of great European bands, such as Nightwish, Epica, and Within Temptation, Ashentide is ready to take their place in a blossoming American symphonic metal scene and hopes to share with the world the majesty, ferocity, and enchantment this music brings to each of them.

Members: Lenore Young, Andrew Faust, Overlord Tom, Anastasia Devana



Arch Enemy

Arch EnemyArch Enemy is a Swedish melodic death metal band from Halmstad, Sweden, formed in 1996. Founded by Carcassguitarist Michael Amott along with Johan Liiva, both originally from the influential death metal band Carnage. The band has released seven studio albums, a live album (Burning Japan Live 1999), two DVDs and three EPs. The band was originally fronted by Johan Liiva, who was replaced by Angela Gossow as lead vocalist in 2000

Arch Enemy, the brainchild of Michael Amott (Carcass, Carnage, and Spiritual Beggars) was originally assembled when Michael Amott left Carcass. Guitarists Michael Amott and younger brother Christopher Amott (Armageddon) joined with vocalist Johan Liiva (ex-Carnage, Furbowl, Furbowl|Devourment) and then-session drummer Daniel Erlandsson (Eucharist) in what Michael Amott called “an attempt to merge melody with aggression and technicality.”

The band’s debut, entitled Black Earth was recorded at Studio Fredman and released by the now defunct Wrong Again Records in 1996. It obtained a fair amount of success in Japan, achieving MTV rotation with their first single “Bury Me an Angel”, as well as moderate success in Sweden. At this point, Arch Enemy was more of a “solo effort” than a full band: Michael Amott wrote all the songs himself, and even played bass guitar on the album, contrary to the album’s liner notes, which listed vocalist Johan Liiva as handling bass duties. Amott later revealed that he had the credits listed that way to make the album seem more of a “band” effort. Many consider it to be the band’s most aggressive album, a trait that was softened to some degree on its following releases, but never abandoned.

After the release of Black Earth the band switched labels, signing a contract with Century Media. In 1998 Arch Enemy released Stigmata, for which bassist Martin Bengtsson and drummer Peter Wildoer joined the band. This album caught the attention of a wider audience, gaining popularity in both Europe and America. This was also the first Arch Enemy album to be released worldwide.

In 1999, Sharlee D’Angelo assumed the role of Arch Enemy’s bassist, and Daniel Erlandsson was once again recruited to handle drum duties, this time on a permanent basis. Burning Bridges was released, and was soon followed by the live album Burning Japan Live 1999, which was initially a release limited to Japan, but later given worldwide distribution due to demands from fans.[citation needed] During the touring-cycle for Burning Bridges Sharlee D’Angelo was temporarily replaced twice, first by Dick Lövgren (Meshuggah, ex-Armageddon) and secondly, by Roger Nilsson (ex-Spiritual Beggars, Firebird, The Quill). Burning Bridges marked a shift in Arch Enemy’s core sound, now opting for a more melodic approach, while still keeping the original melodic death metal-sound first heard on the first two albums.

In November 2000 vocalist Johan Liiva was asked to quit the band. Michael Amott stated that the he wanted more dynamics from the band’s frontperson, and that Liiva’s live performance was not up to par with the rest of the band. Liiva was soon replaced by amateur German journalist and death metal vocalist Angela Gossow, who had given a demo tape to Christopher Amott earlier that year during an interview she had conducted with him. Gossow proved to be a competent singer and has been with the band ever since.
The first album with songs featuring Gossow was Wages of Sin, released in 2001. Along with featuring a new singer, the band also went from B tuning to C tuning and have kept this till the present. In December of the same year, Arch Enemy took part in the “Japan’s Beast Feast 2002” concert, playing alongside Slayer and Motörhead.

Anthems of Rebellion was released in 2003 and brought some innovations, such as the use of a second voice singing in harmony, for example in “End of the Line” and “Dehumanization.” In November of the following year, the band released the EP Dead Eyes See No Future, which featured live recordings, along with covers of Manowar, Megadeth and Carcass songs. In June 2004, the band embarked upon Japan touring supported by a Japanese act Edge of Spirit.

In June 2005, Arch Enemy finished the recording for their sixth album, Doomsday Machine. In July 2005, guitarist Christopher Amott left the band in order to focus on his personal life. He was temporarily replaced by guitarist Gus G. (Ozzy, Firewind), and then by Fredrik Åkesson in September 2005. Christopher returned on a permanent basis in March 2007, shortly before the band entered the studio to begin recording their new album with producer Fredrik Nordström (who has produced for acts such as In Flames and Soilwork). Åkesson went on to become Opeth’s new lead guitarist in May, 2007. An album from Arch Enemy’s earlier work, Black Earth, was reissued on April 24, 2007, with Liiva’s vocals.

Arch Enemy’s seventh album, entitled Rise of the Tyrant was released on September 24, 2007 in Europe and September 25, 2007 in the USA. Rise of the Tyrant debuted at number 84 on the Billboard 200 chart. This surpasses the Doomsday Machine chart entry, making it the band’s highest charting effort to date. Gossow said the new album has more emotion and less double vocals, as well as less vocal processing, yielding a more “raw” presentation.

Arch Enemy played the Bloodstock Open Air Festival in August 2007, between Sabbat and In Flames. They then performed on the Black Crusade tour at the end of 2007, with Machine Head, Trivium, DragonForce and Shadows Fall. With this, as Michael Amott reported on the band’s website, “These will be the first European shows we do with Arch Enemy after the release of our new album”.

On March 8, 2008, Arch Enemy filmed a live show in Tokyo, Japan for the live DVD Tyrants of the Rising Sun. Arch Enemy also co-headlined the Defenders of the Faith tour in April 2008 with Opeth while DevilDriver and 3 Inches of Blood opened for them. They then headlined the Tyranny and Bloodshred tour in May 2008 with Dark Tranquillity, Divine Heresy, and Firewind as supporting acts.

Released September 28 in EU, September 30 in Japan, and October 6 in USA, it features twelve re-recorded songs spanning the band’s career before Gossow joined as vocalist, with some material pre-dating D’Angelo as their bassist. In the first half of 2009, the band toured Europe and South America, and they also played at the annual Dubai Desert Rock Festival alongside Opeth, Chimaira, and Motörhead. Following the release of The Root of All Evil on September 28, 2009, the band embarked on an Asian and Australian tour, including their first visit to New Zealand, starting at the Loud Park festival in Japan on October 17, other acts included Megadeth, Judas Priest, Slayer, Anthrax, Rob Zombie and Children of Bodom.

Arch Enemy has confirmed to be part of the Wacken Open Air tour held in Wacken in Schleswig-Holstein, northern Germany. This is one of the biggest summer heavy metal festivals, including more than 60 bands.


  • Christopher Amott − guitar (1996–2005, 2007–present)
  • Michael Amott − guitar (1996–present), keyboards on Doomsday Machine and Rise of the Tyrant
  • Sharlee D’Angelo − bass guitar (1999–present)
  • Daniel Erlandsson − drums (1996, 1998–present)
  • Angela Gossow − lead vocals (2001–present)

Anne Autumn Erickson Upon Wings Interview

Anne “Autumn” Erickson

Upon Wings is our November 2012 Band of the Month and. This month we’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Anne “Autumn” Erickson lead vocalist and driving force behind Upon Wings.

WOM: Hi Anne, Since a large number of people still haven’t heard of Upon Wings. Tell them a little bit about the band and yourself.

Anne: Hey, Jayson, thanks so much for the opportunity to be featured on the Women of Metal show and site. We’re very excited to have won the November Band of the Month contest. Upon Wings is out of Michigan in the U.S. I’m the frontwoman and pretty much spearhead the group.

WOM: Who are some of the musicians who performed on The Dream with you?

Anne:  That was Glenn Brown and me. He’s is a Michigan producer who has worked with some great bands, including Evans Blue, the Verve Pipe and Iggy Pop, just to name a few.

WOM: Who are some of your personal influences?

Anne:  A really wide variety of music has influenced me as a musician. Musicals such as “Phantom of the Opera” and “Les Miserables” were a huge influence growing up. I also really enjoy AFI, especially their album “Sing the Sorrow.” It has such beautiful instrumentation and gothic textures.

WOM: I’ve talked to many women who have said it’s very difficult for a woman to be a metal musician. Have you found that to be the case?

Anne:  You know, so far, every male musician with whom I’ve worked has treated me as an equal. I haven’t noticed it being more difficult, but I might notice it more in the future. We’ll see!

WOM: So you feel that the ladies are more respected now than they were years ago?

Anne:  I do! I certainly feel respected as a female artist, thus far. It’s great to see bands featuring female members doing well.

WOM: Any plans for a full length album or an EP?

Anne:  Yes! We plan to release an EP in 2013, and we’re close to announcing the details, but not there yet. It will be soon, though! We worked with some amazingly talented musicians on the new music, too.

WOM: What’s the writing process like for Upon Wings? Is it something that’s an ongoing process? Do you just write when you have to get into the studio and record a CD?

Anne:  It’s an ongoing process. Sometimes inspiration will come in the middle of the night, and sometime it’s just at normal times during the day. You never know. I usually write down lyrics when they come to me, and then, eventually, an idea for a song forms out of them.

WOM: Any shows on the horizon that you would like to share with our readers?

Anne:  Not yet, but we are hoping to play some nice gigs in 2013.

WOM: Any other news about Upon Wings you would like to share with our readers?

Anne:  We’re just really grateful to our supporters. Our first single, “The Dream,” has been so well-received. It means a lot to see how people have related to the song and to have all of you supporting our music and dreams after hearing “The Dream.” I’m excited for everyone to hear the new music in 2013. Also, thank you, again, Jayson for your support! God bless! Here’s how to find Upon Wings online:, and

Thank you Anne, good luck and we look forward to hearing more from Upon Wings in 2013.

‘Eve’s Apple’ Singers Perform At METAL FEMALE VOICES FEST; Video Available

More than a dozen members of Eve’s Apple — a worldwide community of professional female singers, designed to be a platform that informs about women’s work in the world of music — performed at the tenth edition of Metal Female Voices Fest on Friday, October 19 in Wieze, Belgium.

Fan-filmed video footage of their appearance can be seen below.

Featured singers:

Kerstin Bischof (XANDRIA)
Iliana Tsakiraki (MEDEN AGAN)
Lindsay Schoolcraft (MARY AND THE BLACK LAMB)
Grace Meridan (CANDLELIT)
Clémentine Delauney (SERENITY, WHYZDOM)
Kassandra Gruszkowski (ENEMY STAR)
Angel Wolf-Black (BARE INFINITY)
Sanna Salou (DIMLIGHT)

EVE’S APPLE members write articles, share insights, raise money for charity and more.

For more information, go to this location.

Eve's Apple  Female Voices Metal Fest

HALESTORM: New Video Interview With AREJAY HALE

Mark Lloyd of The Midlands Rocks conducted an interview withHALESTORM drummer Arejay Hale during the band’s recent U.K. headlining tour. You can now watch the chat below.

HALESTORM will embark on a late fall headlining U.S. tour sponsored byJägermeister. The trek gets underway on November 8 in Mobile, Alabama, wrapping up on December 15 in Orlando, Florida. Special guests on the bill will be IN THIS MOMENT and EVE TO ADAM.

“I Miss The Misery”, the second single from HALESTORM‘s current album“The Strange Case Of…” , was a Top Five track at Active Rock radio.

HALESTORM singer Lzzy Hale was named the “Hottest Chick in Hard Rock” in Revolver magazine’s annual round-up of the sexiest female rockers, beating out contenders like LeeIN THIS MOMENT‘s Maria Brink andLACUNA COIL‘s Cristina Scabbia.






Joan Jett To Re-Release Bad Reputation

Joan Jett Bad Reputation

Joan Jett has announced that Bad Reputation (1981) will be re-released on 180 gram clear vinyl for Record Store Day  which is Black Friday on November 23! The individually numbered Limited Edition LP includes an enhanced CD of Bad Reputation with bonus tracks and live footage. The album will be available atparticipating record stores! Bad Reputation has never before been available on heavyweight clear vinyl.


LP: “Bad Reputation”/”Make Believe”/”You Don’t Know What You’ve Got”/”You Don’t Own Me”/”Too Bad On Your Birthday”/”Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah)”/”Let Me Go”/”Doing Alright With The Boys”/”Shout”/”Jezebel”/”Don’t Abuse Me”/”Wooly Bully”

CD: “Call Me Lightning”/”Hanky Panky”/”What Can I Do For You”/”You Don’t Own Me”/”Bad Reputation (Live)”

CD Enhanced Material: “Shout (Convention Hall, Asbury Park, NJ 8/7/82)”/ “Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah) (The Summit, Houston, TX 10/7/83)” / “Bad Reputation”/”Call Me Lightning”/”Hanky Panky”/”What Can I Do For You”/”You Don’t Own Me”/”Bad Reputation (Live)” (Long Island Brewing Company, Jericho, NY 1/20/98)”

Sources And More Information

Record Store Day  Record Store Day

Epica announce their first ever Australian tour.

Dutch symphonic metal band EPICA are pleased to announce their first ever Australian tour to take place April of next year. EPICA singer Simone Simons had this to say about the upcoming tour: “Epica has been traveling around the world and has until now never set foot on Australian soil. Being able to perform in Australia is another dream coming true. We are ecstatic to come down under and meet our Australian fans

The band will tour Australia to promote Requiem for the Indifferent, which was released on March 13th 2012 through Nuclear Blast.


Tickets went on sale on Friday October 19th 2012. There will be a limited amount of special VIP tickets available for all shows. These tickets include VIP meet-and-greet, early entry and commemorative poster signed by the band.


17th April 2013 – Hi Fi, Brisbane Tickets

19th April 2013 – Metro (All Ages), Sydney Tickets

21st April 2013 – Billboard, Melbourne Tickets

We can’t wait to meet our fans in Australia and hope to see you all next year!

Celebrating the Women of Metal