Genevieve Rodda (Temtris) on WoM show 7/25/2013

Saturday on The Women of Metal Show on Insane Realm Radio Jayson Shell will be interviewing Genevieve Rodda from our October 2012 Band of the Month Winner Temtris. Yeah we know it’s about time right?

Genevieve Rodda and Temtris
Genevieve Rodda and Temtris

Displaying an infectious blend of technical skill and powerful song-writing ability, Temtris are taking their unique sound and appeal to the world.

Temtris are a metal curiosity, a direct result of the band’s constant conviction to their craft and their fans. Featuring founding members Anthony Roberts (Guitar) and Genevieve Rodda (Vocals) and joined by drumming legend Wayne Campbell (Mortal Sin, Grungeon), in 2002, the group sought a more aggressive edge, and enrolled guitarist/songwriter Llew ‘Ahzael’ Smith (Deiform, Malice, Ravensgate) and Aaron “Azgard” Worboys (Malice, Bane of Isildur) on bass.

Losing Wayne and Aaron to other commitments the band discovered a young and talented drummer in their home town by the name of Tom Wallace, quickly dubbed ‘The Machine’ for his machine-gun like double kick abilities, followed by bass guitarist Gavin Swan.

It had been a long time between albums and fueled by the enthusiasm of the new recruits Temtris headed back to the studio. The result was ‘Masquerade’ a dark and edgy collection of songs which in many ways pushed the band further into the ‘unique’ label with its raw sound and musical experimentation. Temtris continue to carve their own unique and dynamic musical niche in the metal realm. Temtris became “Dark Metal”.

The departure of Tom and Gavin saw Temtris on the hunt again for a competant rhythm section.
Enter Dale Green (Delinquent, Soul Trickery) on bass and James Rodwell (The Mud Luck Trio) on drums.
This line up combined with newly enlisted producer Syd Green (Mantissa, Dirty Lucy, Iota, Matt Tonks) has produced one of Temtris’ most exciting songs to date in “Your time has come”.

As always happens, life makes it difficult for bands to stay together and this saw the departure of James leaving an open spot on the throne for a young and very talented drummer by the name of Ben Hart (Eyes of Idevale). Now with one of the strongest line ups to date the studio awaits.

Genevieve Rodda


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Temtris Interview on WoM


Kristina Kasper (Doll) On WoM Show 7/18/2013

Christina Kasper (Doll)
Christina Kasper (Doll)

Thursday 7/18 at 9pm cst on the Women of Metal Show on Insane Realm Radio

Kristina Kasper from Canadian Grunge Rockers Doll sits down with Jayson Shell for a chat.

4 Words. Rock N’ Fucking Roll

Ottawa’s premiere female fronted alternative punk band recently released their second album, titled “The Ragdoll Diaries”, a hard hitting follow up to the popular debut ‘Inside The Dollhouse’.

Doll, a four-piece based out of Ottawa, Canada, formed in 2005 provides the missing link between punk and rock, a sound that’s been lacking in mainstream music for quite some time. In a time of oversaturation of commercially designed and developed music to subdue the listener into a false sense of marketability, Doll’s fresh and honest songs cut through like a hot knife through butter, snapping the listener out of their daze and onboard their trip of truth and beautifully crafted angst through sound and vision. Inspired by the great bands such as Sonic Youth, Hole and L7, Paramore, Flyleaf and Die Mannequin, Doll is on its way to becoming a musical force to be reckoned with, inspiring, creative, and honest.

The Ragdoll Diaries is undoubtedly Doll’s best works to date, working alongside producer Jason Jaknunas, Christina Kasper’s lyrics and vocal performance provides a call to all, to stand and believe in yourself, take action, to never be silent. The intensity of the drum and bass, emphasized by the intricate guitar work and atmospheric solo’ing rounds out an album that has it all, creative musicianship, honest lyrics, and a truth that’s been missing in music for some time. Supported by the fearlessly rocking threesome of Pete Kasper, Nick ‘Chopz’ Richer and newcomer to the Doll family Alex Vance, this is one band that you don’t want to miss getting in on the party early and staying for days while you zone out the beautifully crafted yet fiercely hard hitting tunes.

2012 saw great advances for the band, completing several successful Eastern Canadian tours, and breaking into the US market on their first ever tour through America, their live show is evolving and becoming one of the highlights of Canadian music. With strong performances at year’s past festivals such as the Ottawa Bluesfest, IndieWeek Canada, NXNE, and D-Tox Rockfest, a strong review in many major publications such as Outburn and Revolver Magazines, sharing the stage with Protest The Hero, Lacuna Coil, Three Days Grace and tons more, to selling out over 1000 copies of both albums and 500 vinyls of the Ragdoll Diaries, video plays across MuchMusic and MusiquePlus, and ever increasing radio plays, the band has embraced DIY to its highest degree continually improving its social media reach and brand awareness.

Just recently launching their newest music video for the song “Youth of Today, Hope for Tomorrow”, being their 3rd video to date. Doll was also nominated for Best Rock album of 2009 by the Ottawa Xpress, Best Hard Rock band of 2010 and of 2011 by the Ottawa Xpress and Best Album in 2012 receiving honourable mention status.

Doll was selected by the Canadian Independent Recording Artists’ Association and is now being mentored by Canadian Electronica band Austra. You can expect big things from Doll in the near future! 2013 will prove to be a game changer not only for the band, but the Canadian musical landscape, with plans to return to the US and to branch out even further into Canadian markets.

Women of Metal Show…. 7/11/2013

Butcher Babies Goliath was released July 9, 2013
Butcher Babies Goliath was released July 9, 2013
Tonight’s Women of Metal Radio Show on Insane Realm Radio will feature music from our band of the month EYE RA HAZE, brand new music from Huntress and Butcher Babies as well as music from MongrelBand, Lover of Sin Official and much more….

Showtime 9pm Central time

The Chat Room will be open

Natasha Singer (EYE RA HAZE) on Women of Metal 7/13/2013


Natasha Singer from New York Metallers EYE RA HAZE sits down with Jayson Shell for an interview Saturday July 13 Show time 8pm central.

EYE RA HAZE is The Women of Metal band of the Month for July 2013

When the seductive crooning of Natasha Nicholson met the crushing sounds of distorted guitars and sovereign drumming, she found a safe haven for her voice and a way to reach the soul of the fan, at the depths of their emotions.

Eye Ra Haze was the natural formation of five heavy music lovers who shared the dream of sculpting a nonpareil sound in the Alternative & Nu metal Genres. Comprised of an irresistible melodist, Natasha Singer; Queen of the battle axe, Nicole Papastavrou, an audacious bass player, Enrique Mancia; Hard hitting drummer, Kevin Corcoran; and on backing vocals and keys Karine Catenacci.

Their blend of delicate, ardent melodies and tumultuous rhythm riffs can only be compared to the leaders in a hard rock scene that made for 32% of physical album sales in 2010, alone. They craft each song like a passionate, personal encounter, using dynamics to translate their mood and intentions. During the tremors of their live set, Eye Ra Haze exposes a crude display of skills, taking the audience from love to rage and leaving them hung; craving to know the source of their enigmatic dark side, and their intimidating show of beauty.

One-Eyed Doll on the Women of Metal Show 6/22/2013

Kimberly and Junior One-Eyed Doll
Kimberly and Junior One-Eyed Doll

One-Eyed Doll on the Women of Metal Show 6/22/2013

Kimberly Freeman and Jason Rufuss Sewell, a.k.a “Junior” also known as One-Eyed Doll, sit down this Saturday for a chat with Jayson Shell on The Women of Metal Show.

Saturday at 8pm Central Time

Described as Strawberry Shortcake meets Gwar and Valentine’s Day meets Halloween with the visual impact of Japanese Anime, One-Eyed Doll is an award-winning Austin, Texas power rock duo with a loyal global fan base and extensive international press exposure. For several years in a row the group swept the SXSW Music Awards in categories such as Best Punk Band, Best Metal Band, Best Goth Band, Best New Band, Best Acoustic Guitarist, Best Electric Guitarist, Best Producer, Best Drummer, Best Songwriter, Best Female Vocalist and more. The group has independently released four full-length albums, appears in Revolver, Guitar World and Guitar Player magazines and has toured from the USA to New Zealand. Dates include major anime conventions (DragonCon, AniMix, IKKiCON, Anime Overload, ShadoCon, etc.) Blazing the band’s wildfire buzz amongst their growing legions of religiously crazed fans is One-Eyed Doll’s cult leader: the impossible-not-to-love Kimberly Freeman, whose punishment is so sweet you’ll beg for more.


One-Eyed Doll on the Women of Metal Show 6/22/13 by Jayson Shell on Mixcloud

Saturday April 20, 2013 Nÿx Raven X

Saturday April 20, 2013 Nÿx Raven X was a the Guest on the Women of Metal Show by Jayson Shell on Mixcloud

Essense Without Light - Raven X

RAVEN X was formed in 2006 by guitarist Khâos and vocalist Nÿx. Their music is a blend of progressive,gothic and death metal with hints of industrial and black metal added into the mix.Combining the powerful death growls and euphonically clean vocals of Nÿx with the crushingly heavy and symphonically melodic guitar work of Khâos, RAVEN X create a highly original form of avant-garde metal.
The band is planning to independently release its first CD in 2013. The album will be an emotionally driven and dynamic collection of songs that will captivate the listener with various mood inducing atmospheres.
With their creative sound and relentless pursuit of perfection… RAVEN X is sure to take flight in the very near future!!!

Purchase Links::


Buy CD online:

Sass Jordon from S.U.N. on the Women of Metal Show with Jayson Shell (4/27/13)

Sass Jordan from S.U.N. on the Women of Metal Show with Jayson Shell by Jayson Shell on Mixcloud

(Something Unto Nothing)

In the beginning, the members of S.U.N. agreed that in order to write the best, trend-free music they could, they needed to get away. So, in the mountains of Canyon Country, they found an old, deserted shack. They got supplies to last them 2 weeks and set out to write a complete album.

When they left the shack, they had all the music you are now experiencing. For better or for worse, this is what it is, and that in itself is an accomplishment they are beyond proud of.

So… take the journey with them. Take the chances with them. They don’t know where they are going, but they know they won’t rest until the goal is finally realized…to become…something unto nothing…

Sass Jordan: V.O.T. (Voice of Truth)
Sass has a voice that you can only get when you are privy to witnessing a total breakdown of all senses and a complete overload of imagination with an acceptance of why we are here. It’s been said that she had to be an angel in another life, put into battles with demons in a black hole that sent her behind the sun into the truth. Over those 100’s of battles, she has developed a keen sense of why, how and what.

On this planet, Sass is known as one of the most badass singers ever. She can’t help what she does and she can’t force it so she joined up with the other members of S.U.N. to prove there is even more to her than we already knew.

Winner of Billboard’s Best Female Rock Vocalist award, she has toured and/or worked with many musical heavyweights, including Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, Cheap Trick, Van Halen, Carlos Santana, The Rolling Stones, Jeff Healey and Joe Cocker, whom she also sang a duet with on The Bodyguard soundtrack, which sold more than 27 million copies worldwide. Her songs have been featured on numerous TV shows, including Melrose Place, Party of Five, Baywatch and Knightrider.

Sass was a judge on for 6 years on Canadian Idol. She is the real deal, and has nothing to prove to anyone except herself. You listen to S.U.N. and you really see what Sass is… or do you? Ya better listen .

Brian Tichy: Guitar
From the dark depths of a basement in New Jersey comes a ball of energy and confusion. Brian’s first goal is to write the next badass riff, and then get together with S.U.N. to complete the idea. Brian writes off the emotions and experiences of the past and present while allowing everyday occurrences to get in the way; in a good way.

Brian’s always been a drummer who loves guitar. Brian has written many a song with Billy Idol, including Billy’s 2005 comeback single/video, ‘Scream’. Brian writes prog metal with keyboard wiz Derek Sherinian. Brian writes power metal for Mastersource Music Co. that gets all his songs in TV’s biggest shows including CSI, Law and Order, and many movies like 40 Yr Old Virgin, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and Balls of Fury.
Tichy has had some fun hitting drums for some of the world’s biggest artists like Ozzy Osbourne, Whitesnake, Foreigner, Billy Idol, Steven Tyler, Slash and Don Felder among many others.

Michael ‘Denim’ Devin: Bass
Growing up on the outskirts of Boston in Leminster, MA, bred on 70’s rock gave Michael ‘Denim’ all the tools he needed to become the guy everyone wants to play with. Longtime friends nad band mates with Tichy gave them the synergy needed to effortlessly write and record music with Sass. Through ups and downs, and in’s and out’s, they move forward, questioning everything … and then forgetting what the questions were, because it doesn’t matter. They relate through a common bond of Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Rush, Black Sabbath, The Beatles and The Who – with a constant piss take of all that is deemed ‘hip’ and ‘cool’.

Michael Devin can’t be put into a box. Everyday is a new experience, and Denim’s playing expresses that idea. You’ll get what you want, but then he’ll give you something more – a little gift, if you will, that you will receive happily with open arms as he adds to the music in a way that most would consider too risky. Ask him a question about music and you will get an answer you will take home with you. But you won’t write it down, because it will be etched in your brain forever.

Some people know this .. especially those he has played with .. from Kenny Wayne Shepherd, to George Lynch and Lynch Mob, Jason Bonham and his Led Zeppelin Experience, all the way to the newest version of Whitesnake and the nearly 40 drummers plus guest musicians that have played with him at the 4 John Bonham Tribute Bashes. They ALL know this is the guy you want playing the bass. But he knows that he needs to move and groove, and then groove and move ..well … you get the point ..

Tommy Stewart: DRUMS and anything else that makes noise.
Ok… what do you say about Tommy?? How bout. “Tommy really knows how to kick the s**t out of the drums. His groove is superb. His effortless energy leaves you wondering how he can keep up that pace and hold down the groove. And he ain’t even trying! It’s just a gift he has that should be witnessed regularly on this planet as a source of inspiration to all those also trying to find their niche. Tichy says, “I saw Tommy play and said, “I wish I looked that loose and sounded that tight when I played.” Tommy has toured the world with Godsmack, Fuel, Everclear, Lo-Pro, and Gary Cherone. Tommy lays it down and allows the rest of S.U.N. to bounce off that rhythmic trampoline with minimal thought!!!! Here here!!!

To simply experience new levels of emotion…to give fans of music something new that was created without a formula…oh…wait…that’s a lie…the formula was to KICK ASS AND LEAVE A MARK!!!

S.U.N. (Something Unto Nothing)
We leave this up to you to decide the true meaning; for there may be many. Just remember…”THERE MUST ALWAYS BE A BEGINNING AND THERE MUST ALWAYS BE AN END. BUT WHILE YOU ARE HERE, IT’S ABOUT THE MESSAGE YOU SEND…”

Listen to the music… read the lyrics… spread the word… we will always be here… Something unto nothing again.

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Orianthi Interview (3/14/2013)


At 24 years old, Orianthi has already experienced what most aspiring musicians only dream of. She’s opened for her hero (Steve Vai), backed an Idol (Carrie Underwood), traded solos with a legend (Carlos Santana) and shared the stage with the King of Pop (Michael Jackson). What’s left to conquer? The world stage, for one, and this guitar wunderkind has her sights clearly set on the road ahead.

After a performance with Carrie Underwood on stage at the 2009 Grammy Awards the blogosphere was buzzing with news of this little-known guitar prodigy. It prompted Michael Jackson to call with an offer for her to be his guitarist for his dates at the O2 Arena in London. When offered the gig in Michael Jackson’s live band, Orianthi joined a prestigious line of guitar players including Eddie Van Halen, Santana, Slash, Steve Stevens, Jennifer Batten and Larry Carlton. Sadly the tour was not to be and music lost an icon. Working with Michael was a life-changing experience, Orianthi reflects, One I will never forget.

Her story starts in Adelaide on the southern tip of Australia where, at the age of six, Orianthi began taking an interest in her dad’s record collection. “Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Cream, Santana he was into guitar players that are real songwriters,” she boasts. Growing up in the 80s, a decade remembered for its many guitar greats, Orianthi also listened to a lot of Whitesnake, Van Halen and Def Leppard. Her father, who used to be a player in a Greek band, also kept plenty of instruments around the house, and it didn’t take long before Orianthi strummed her first chord. Mastering the six-string came naturally.

“When I was 11, Carlos Santana came to play Adelaide and that show really affected me,” she recounts. I begged my dad to get me a second hand electric guitar so I could be like Carlos, and that was it, no more acoustic. After that, “I would buy all of Carlos’ videos on VHS! which I kept rewinding to try and learn his solos. I totally wore out the tapes.”

Some seven years later when Carlos Santana passed through Adelaide again.

Carlos’ brother arranged a sound-check meeting between the guitar god and his young disciple after hearing some of her music. A sound check jam evolved into an invitation to join him on stage where Orianthi played for about 35 minutes and took a solo in front of a hometown crowd. Performances, tours and guest appearances with Steve Vai, ZZ Top and Prince have kept Orianthi busy up to this point.

But guitar is far from Orianthi’s only means of expression. Before she received the call from the King of Pop, Orianthi had already been hard at work on her upcoming album, Believe, on which she sings, writes and leads her own band. Working with Geffen Records Chairman and A&R veteran Ron Fair and producer Howard Benson (All American Rejects, Daughtry, My Chemical Romance, Three Days Grace) her fierceness of character has made its way to songs that will simply knock the socks off of any boy in the rock star schoolyard.

Orianthi packs modern girl-power punch into every turn of phrase, but it’s the shredding that takes her brand of rock to an entirely new level. Songs like Suffocated and Think Like A Man are anthem rock tracks recalling at time Evanescence, Avril Lavigne, Paramore and even a less-music row more-sunset strip Taylor Swift. First single According To You is a catchy tale of an ungrateful boyfriend with a killer guitar solo. The result: a thunderous, hook and riff driven debut that sounds larger than life. If, for a moment, you’ve thought the music world could use another taste of The Runaways Joan Jett, let us introduce you to Orianthi.

Orianthi Interview With Jayson Shell from The Metal Factory Radio Show by Jayson Shell on Mixcloud

Celebrating the Women of Metal