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Ida Elena Deraza (Bare Infinity)

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Margarita Monet from Edge of Paradise (April 8, 2017)

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Sarah Fisher Wolf (AfterTime) March 11,2017

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Lais Tomaz from Valiria on Women of Metal

Location: São Paulo, Brazil Genre: Heavy Metal
Status: Active Current Label: Independent
Years Active: 2014-?

Betting on a mix between experience and youth, Valiria brings a modern metal influenced by a vast range of genres inside Heavy Metal music, creating a sound that mix it all and turns it into a original “New Metal” without boundaries.

Formed by Laís Tomaz (Vocals), Luccas Vasoncellos (Guitar), Rodrigo Sughayyer (Bass) and Sergio Barsant (Drums), the band went through several lineups changes until they found the formation and sound they have been searching for.vilaria2

Their writing are based on day to day matters, exposing human conflicts, such as: abusive relationships (theme of their first single, released in 2014, Uneven Hero), the search for perfection inside a standardised world where the different is unacceptable, and even strong themes such as the controversial accusations the Catolic Church faces.

In March 2015 the band released their second single, “Red Hands”, recorded,
mixed and mastered by its own members, including a “lyric video” also made by the band to help share the song.

Later that same year the Valiria started recording their first which was produced independently again because of the quality they reached with “Red Hands”.

In September 2015 the band was invited to participate of a tribute album to the Brazilian singer Edu Falaschi. “A New Lease of Life” and writes a rereading to the song Introspection of his former band Symbols.

In February 2016 the EP “Blind Faith” was launched,again produced by the band itself, which was made available on Soundcloud, as well as Bandcamp, Google Play and other digital media.

Valiria is currently in studio working on new material.


  • Laís Tomaz (Vocals)
  • Luccas Vasoncellos (Guitar)
  • Rodrigo Sughayyer (Bass)
  • Sergio Barsant (Drums)
Uneven Hero (Single) 2014
Red Hands (Single) 2015
Blind Faith (EP) 2016


Bandcamp YouTube
Facebook Spotify
Homepage Twitter
ReverbNation SoundCloud
Google Play  Amazon
CD Baby iTunes


Regina and Heiko from DuesterLust

DüsterLust is a Female-fronted Symphonic/Progressive Metal-Band that combines various styles of Metal with Classical Music and Electronic Sound Ideas.

In 2010 Philip and Heiko Seibert had the idea for a courageous band-project. After a long and difficult search for other musicians they found the Lyric Soprano Regina Beatrix Rumpel in January 2014. With her voice they had everything they needed to complete their songs and record them in a professional way.

So their first album “Unveil the Beauty” took shape and has been released in December 2014.

In May 2015 the band had to take down their whole internet-presence and to withdraw their album from sale because of a naming conflict.

But in October 2015 the band came out of the crisis stronger than before, started over with the powerful new name “DüsterLust” and introduced a new band member, their second guitarist Michél Greul.

Since February 2016 DüsterLust is signed with the Label FemMeropa. In the same year they will re-release their debut album with a new cover-artwork and three additional songs that will only be available on the physical release. Continue reading Regina and Heiko from DuesterLust