Book of Wyrms (August 2017)

Location: Richmond, VA, USA Genre: Stoner/Doom Metal
Status: Active Current Label: Twin Earth Records
Years Active: 2014 -?

Sarah Moore-Lindsey and Jay Lindsey met at a recording studio and starting dating in 2006. Jay played in country (The Hotdamns) and metal bands (Bearstorm) and Sarah quietly learned to play the bass and ukulele to accompany her vocals. (Sarah has been singing since age 2 when belting out the soundtrack to Annie in the car fleeing a hurricane at the beach, which I cannot at this point imagine enduring haha.)

Fast forward to the spring of 2014, and Sarah was ready for the stage again and answered a Craigslist ad to be a “Stevie Nicks” in a band. Semetary practiced for a few months then fizzled out.  Jay said, “You don’t need those guys to make music. Let’s start something.” So we thought of the drummers we already knew and immediately Chris DeHaven came to mind. Not only was he a beast on drums in bands like Divine Suffering, but he was chill and had similar taste in music. That was the summer of 2014. We played with a few different guitarists before finding Ben Coudriet on Craigslist for guitar in 2015. Sarah had already known him from high school. He suggested his friend Kyle Lewis to join as well.


  • Jay Lindsey – bass
  • Chris DeHaven – drums
  • Kyle Lewis – guitar
  • Ben Coudriet – guitar
  • Sarah Moore Lindsey – vocals, effects


Sci​-​fi​/​Fantasy 2017


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